Inside the kinky little world of sex furniture: what is it and which to buy?

By Alma Fabiani

Updated Nov 26, 2021 at 10:46 AM

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‘There’s a market for everything’ they say, and when it comes to sex-related items, more specifically, the internet has proved on many occasions to be a perfect place to start. With even its own best sellers recommendation list on Amazon, it’s clear that buying furniture just for the purpose of banging on it has become standard for many. But what’s so special about this shame-free corner of the internet where sexual experimenters are sure to find their happiness? And is buying sex furniture actually worth it? I did a little bit of digging for you, so you can be sure you’ll be spending your money on items you truly need.

What is (and what isn’t) sex furniture?

Although the term ‘sex furniture’ is as self-explanatory as it gets, it also raises the question of why would some people need sex furniture when, let’s be honest, anyone can have sex anywhere they please—except in public, as you might end up having to pay a hefty fine for this.

Let me state the obvious one last time before we get into the thick of it: yes, you can have sex on a regular bed, a chair or even your living room’s sofa, but that doesn’t make them sex furniture. Sex furniture, also known as erotic furniture, is any form of furniture that is designed to act as an aid to sexual activity. Keeping that in mind, beds and sofas are not strictly erotic furniture, as their primary use is not erotic. Specifically designed furniture for sexual purposes, however, are more what we’re talking about here—and even more through in the article written by Furnpeak ‘Best Sex Furniture: Choose Your Sauciest Home Decor!

According to Wikipedia, these can include:

– Devices for spanking and flagellation such as the Berkley Horse, which dates from 1828
– Sex swings and fisting slings
– Sex gliders
– Devices for using gravity to aid in lovemaking without the use of complicated slings
– Various types of angled foam wedges or specially designed sex pillows that support various sex positions. Liberator Shapes are an example, as are the ergonomically-based Lovebumpers.
– Bondage equipment such as stocks and pillories
– Smother boxes and other queening stools used for facesitting
The Love Chair, a curious chair made of curved tubular steel, articulated in several ways and designed to facilitate otherwise impossible sexual acts. This device was advertised in men’s magazines in the mid-1970s, and is seen in at least one of Nina Hartley’s Guide to videos, but it is no longer commercially available.
– Sawhorses, which are shaped much like the version used for carpentry, but have a sharpened edge and are primarily sat on to achieve a feeling similar to a crotch rope in bondage.

Sex furniture then

This might surprise some of you, while others might find it obvious, but sex furniture isn’t a new concept. The British King Edward VII, who was heavily overweight, used a specially constructed “love seat” when he visited the famous brothel Le Chabanais in Paris. The piece still exists and a replica was exhibited at the Musée de l’Erotisme in Pigalle, the capital’s red light district, until its closure in 2016.

More examples of sex furniture can be found throughout history, and the same can be said about sex toys prior to the fairly recent rise of the teledildonics industry, also known as connected sexual pleasure products. Long story short, humans were just as horny back then than they are today, and it’s oddly reassuring to know that for a fact.

Sex furniture now

Contemporary sex furniture can be enjoyed by lovers of all genders, relationship styles, sexual orientations, sizes, and abilities. According to Searah Deysach, longtime sex educator and owner of Early to Bed, who spoke to Healthline on the matter, sex furniture can basically be broken into 2 main categories: positioning tools and bondage props.

“Some of the furniture is designed to help lift your hips, give your neck a break, or make certain positions easier on folks of different sizes or abilities,” explained Deysach. “This group of furniture is designed to support and comfort naked, moving bodies.”

Then there’s furniture that “is made with a BDSM aesthetics in mind (think leather, wood, etc),” adds Deysach. “[It’s] designed to tie someone down, bend them, or other kinky activities.”

If you’re new to all of this, then you might want to start your initiation with simple items such as wedge and half-moon pillows. With different angles designed to help givers hit a receiver’s G-spot or prostate every time, these magic pillows come in all forms and shapes depending on your needs. Depending on your budget, you can either splurge on this Adam & Eve wedge pillow, which was recommended by VICE, for $125 or settle for a cheaper alternative like this $12.98 inflatable half-moon pillow from Amazon.

If you’re more committed to the experience—and are lucky enough to have space in your flat for something slightly bigger—you might find what you’re looking for in ramps and customisable sofas. You guessed it, each of these resembles a slightly different piece of living room furniture, but all are designed to make your sex hotter than ever.


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Enters The Nugget: foam blocks covered in microsuede fabric that together form a couch, but separately, can be used for fort-building, jumping, or general toddler mayhem. With a devoted fandom that spread by word of mouth, this kids sofa quickly became the hit of the pandemic for parents. The only problem is that its manufacturer simply can’t keep it in stock due to the demand of thousands of horny mums around the world. Resellers are gouging on eBay and Facebook Marketplace, and the company has resorted to limited drops of new stock, even instituting a lottery system for the chance to buy. Nugget couches are the Supreme of adults.

If you’re looking for just that but can’t be bothered logging onto Nugget’s website at 4 a.m. to (hopefully) cop the company’s latest drop, just go for this knock-off option, the Foamnasium Blocksy Mini. It’s also intended for children, but just pretend I never mentioned it and you’ll be fine.

Now, if you feel like all of the items mentioned above are child’s play—pun not intended—you’re probably ready for queening stools. Also known as sex stools, queening stools are basically chairs with a hole in the bottom where a face, penis, dildo, or hand can go. Think of it as a step stool with a toilet seat-esque top. Some are designed just for face sitting while others can be used for face sitting, 69-ing, rider-on-top, reverse rider, and more. A stool with elastic straps is also a great option for people who don’t have the strength to hold their bodies up while on top, as the straps do the bouncing for you.

Lovehoney’s DOMINIX Deluxe Faux Leather Sex Position Enhancer Chair is pretty enough to be kept in your living room when guests are around. How kinky is that?

Inside the kinky little world of sex furniture: what is it and which to buy?

Although I’ve steered clear of other sex furniture such as BDSM beds, sex machines and bondage boards (for now), I can’t recommend enough for you to go on your own little online search depending on which furniture makes the most sense for your sexual tastes. Sex furniture can be a worthy addition to any pleasure seeker’s home, so why not treat yourself and whoever’s lucky enough to fool around with you?

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