Rate My Date: The one where she made me bleed


Updated Mar 7, 2023 at 01:07 PM

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Name: Mason
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 23
Occupation: Journalist and nerd
Dating history: Erratic
Looking for: Stability 🥹

I recently matched with a girl who coincidentally happened to be a flatmate of a friend I had made while living in Brighton. Things kicked off, and I planned a trip with my friends to visit our friend, who I’ll call Ella, and the girl I’d been chatting to, who I’ll call Anna. Little did I know I’d come away from this date bloody and bruised.

So, the trip to Brighton goes underway and Anna and I hit it off. There’s chemistry, sparks, embarrassed chuckles and romantic glances. I’m feeling good about it. Night time comes and we’re all still up enjoying the cold Brighton air, warmed up by cigarettes, zoots, beer and brews.

Now, it’s your chance to share your initial thoughts:

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The vibe between Anna and I is definitely romantic by this point. I’ve been with her all night, hands are held, she’s wearing my jacket—you know, all the sappy stuff. It’s time to decide on sleeping arrangements. Not enough space means I have no choice but to bunk with Anna, a once exciting prospect. Everyone skulks off to bed and me and Anna cuddle up on her creaky, single university mattress. Things start to heat up a little bit.

She kisses my neck, cool. She bites it, cool with that too, then she bites it really hard. Not so cool. I put up with it, maybe it was an accident. She continues to bite me way too hard—it wasn’t an accident. I’m putting up with it but we’re in painful territory now. This is far from sexy. I have literal bite marks on my chest and neck and is that blood? Oh my god, she’s drawn blood!

Time to vote again, how’s it looking so far?

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I told her to stop, practically tearing her teeth from my flesh. I gave subtle directions and as many hints as I could to ease up on the gnawing but they didn’t seem to get through. I’m embarrassed to say I put up with more of her insatiable biting despite trying to explain to her what she was doing was really only just painful.

We left the next day but I was still so confused about what had just happened. Maybe she was just a really bad vampire? Everything pre-biting had been so great, our personalities had meshed really well. I’ve heard from her a few times since but I’m not sure if we’re suited enough in the romance area. Was I too quick to judge?

Final say, final vote:

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