Get the look: channel your inner Bella Hadid with these 5 balletcore-inspired fits – Screen Shot
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Get the look: channel your inner Bella Hadid with these 5 balletcore-inspired fits

Ballet has pirouetted back to the fashion world’s centre stage. Pale pink leg warmers, satin ballet slippers and dusty grey trousers are just a few staple pieces you’ve probably seen so far this season, signalling the shift from grunge to graceful. With balletcore being the easy, breezy it girl style as of late, it’s no surprise that Bella Hadid has been the poster girl for the trend.

Luckily, even if you aren’t a former dancer (or an off-duty model), you can embrace the trend too. It’s surprisingly more versatile and comfy than you might think. Ready to infuse your wardrobe with French girl flair, or maybe just want an outfit you can (attempt to) plié in? We’ve got you covered. Below, shop similar pieces from Miss Bella’s ballet-inspired wardrobe.

Look 1:

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Can’t get enough of monochrome ensembles? Then you’ll love this balletcore outfit sported by the youngest Hadid sister. Simply pair baggy workwear trousers (pro tip: size up so you can roll the waist) with a sweet lace-detailed tank top and a simple short-sleeve bolero. Oh, and don’t forget to complete your look with classic black loafers and a can of Kin Euphorics, of course.

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Look 2:


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Balletcore doesn’t always have to mean leotards and tights à la the no-pants trend. Want to look chic while still feeling comfy? Take a note from Hadid’s slouchy ensemble. She styles the simple Wardrobe.NYC X Hailey Bieber sweatsuit with a matching headband, and adds a touch of personality through her accessories (hello, bedazzled sunglasses and tie-dye Chanel messenger bag).

The true star of this ballet-inspired look though has to be the pink satin flats which peak out under her sweats. Don’t want to splash out on this exact co-ord? Opt for an equally minimalist set from Arket for a fraction of the cost.

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Look 3:

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Going for a more refined outfit, as opposed to the slightly rougher ballet grunge? This next ensemble from Miss Hadid hits all the right notes. The model pairs this striped boatneck dress (vintage Chanel, of course) with simple white leg warmers and a pair of blue Miu Miu kitten heels. Looking this cute doesn’t have to cost a small fortune though. Instead, shop our more affordable picks below to achieve the same ‘je ne sais quoi’ without hurting your purse.

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Look 4:

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Next up, we have a quintessential balletsleaze look you’re sure to have heart eyes for. As Miss Bella demonstrates, this outfit is comfy enough to catch a flight in, but it could also easily double for your Sunday morning pilates class, or for simply lounging around at home. Get the look by throwing on a matching tank top and leggings set, your favourite oversized zip-up hoodie and a beanie. Then finish it off with leg warmers and ballet flats for a touch of off-duty ballerina flair.

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Look 5:

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And finally, want to add a pop of colour to your balletcore fit? Follow Hadid’s lead. Here, the supermodel wears a cropped cardigan, a purple baby tee (with matching slouchy socks), a red corduroy midi skirt, all complemented by a stunning set of white satin ballet pumps. Make the look your own by incorporating your favourite textures and hues. And, then, to complete the ensemble, balance out the outfit with a neutral statement piece.

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More standout balletcore pieces to shop:

5 must-have makeup products to recreate Wednesday Addams’ viral goth glam look

From the intense stares to the thrilling (albeit slightly unnerving) dance number, gen Zers have devoured Tim Burton’s Wednesday one angsty monologue at a time—understandably so. That being said, it wasn’t just Jenna Ortega’s standout performance or the captivating storyline that we all loved so much.

While the cast of the show were off hunting monsters and villains, netizens were losing their minds over Wednesday Addams’ iconic makeup look. Sporting a gothic hue and eerily cold accents, Wednesday captured our hearts and crept into our Sephora baskets.

When one used to think of gothic makeup, heavy under-eye eyeliner, black exaggerated eyeshadow and the darkest shade of lipstick possible all came to mind. Nowadays however, things have changed.

The hit series has completely shattered any lingering stigma that the style had—everyone is loving Wednesday’s aesthetic and I guess if you are reading this, you are too. Here’s how to get the look:

1 / 

Image courtesy of MAC

1. MAC lip pencil in the shade Nightmoth

To create Wednesday’s signature lip look, Tara McDonald, the makeup designer for the Netflix show revealed in an interview with MEGA that she used the MAC lip liner pencil in the shade ‘Nightmoth’ along with a clear lip balm. She combined the two on her hand and then softly dabbed it onto the actress’ lips. Yep, it’s as simple as that.

Image courtesy of MAC

2. MAC eyeshadows

Ortega’s eye makeup appeared soft and subtle in the show, in comparison to the more ‘common’ goth eye looks out there, which usually consist of heavy eyeliner and exaggerated eyeshadow.

Image courtesy of MAC

To find the perfect product for Ortega’s soft eye makeup, McDonald once again revealed that she turned to MAC Cosmetics and used a combination of three shades—‘Brown Script’ on top and under her eye, ‘Carbon’ to act as eyeliner and ‘Glitch In The Matrix’ on the top lash line, smudging the last two to create a subtle smokey look.

Image courtesy of ILIA Beauty

3. ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara

A word of advice: if you are trying to replicate Ortega’s look exactly, save your favourite pair of party lashes for another day—just like her eyeshadow, her eyelashes were very fine. McDonald used the lLIA Limitless Lash Mascara, which features a dual-sided brush to both curl and create volume, as well as build length and separate the lashes.

Image courtesy of SUQQU

4. SUQQU Cream Foundation

In the 1991 film based on the characters created by cartoonist Charles Addams, Wednesday’s complexion made her look as though she had never seen the sun—only adding to her spooky presence.

For Ortega’s Wednesday, her skin showed slightly more colour but this look cannot be recreated with any foundation, as it would appear heavy and make your skin look tanned. Instead, the whole point here is to even out skin tone, while still adding a soft glow to the skin. Start by picking up a sheer foundation—McDonald said one of her reasons for using this product is so she didn’t cover Ortega’s natural freckles.

Now, finding the right foundation for your skin is enough of a challenge when considering its shade, quality, and price. Fear not however, because we’ve got the perfect product for you: the SUQQU Cream Foundation.

Image courtesy of MAC

5. MAC Sculpting Powders

Last but certainly not least, you might have noticed throughout the show that Wednesday’s face constantly appeared perfectly sculpted.

To really pull off this look, keep the contouring to a minimum—remember you want your makeup to look as discreet as possible while still giving your face definition. Dull shades that will flawlessly blend into your skin are best.

Image courtesy of MAC

McDonald explained that she used MAC’s Sculpting Powder, first in the shade ‘Sculpt’ and then adding in the shade ‘Shadowy’ to enhance Ortega’s ghoulish look.