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Is Queen Elizabeth II dead?

By Alma Fabiani

Jul 8, 2020


As #RIPQueenElizabeth trends on Twitter, a frenzy is raging on following rumours suggesting Queen Elizabeth II has died. Is the queen dead?

Is Queen Elizabeth II dead?

Rumours are swirling on Twitter saying that the Queen of England has died. The hashtag appears to have originated as a joke among One Direction fans. Over the past few days, One Direction fans are also believed to have started the hashtags #RIPJeffBezos to suggest Amazon’s CEO had died, as well as #RIPEllenDeGeneres, referring to the popular US host.

A few sources have confirmed that the Queen of England remains in good health and is self-isolating at Windsor Castle. In other words, no, Queen Elizabeth II is not dead.

#RIPQueenElizabeth often trends on Twitter

The Queen’s health was once again last night at the centre of a joke started by social media user who made the hashtag #RIPQueenElizabeth one of the most popular trending topics overnight. More Twitter users have flooded the platform with this hashtag this morning, making it one of the most popular in the UK and tricking other social media users into thinking the queen had actually died.

But this false rumour is not the first we’ve seen on Twitter. Many social media users recalled other times when a similar hashtag claiming the queen had died made it to the trending page of Twitter.

How old is Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth II is now 94, however, she also proved to be quite fit when she was photographed on the grounds of Windsor Castle riding her 14-year-old horse at the beginning of June. Nothing can be said for sure, but it looks like the queen is not going anywhere anytime soon.