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4 tattoo ideas, because we can’t all be original

Instead of giving you yet another quiz that inaccurately tells you what tattoo you should get based on standard answers that assume your personality, we’re giving you some cool and quirky inspo to just go ahead and choose for yourself. Also, don’t forget that when you see something you like you can always put pen to paper and adapt it to something even more ‘you’. If you can’t draw, leave it to the tattooist—we would hope that they can draw and adapt it for you.

Let’s start off by saying that your body is already a work of art, and it is also a canvas. You can either get the permanent ink or, let’s be honest, those rogue stick-on tattoos are still cool. Secondly, laser removal is long, tedious and expensive, so try not to be too impulsive when it comes to choosing a tat.

Decisions like size, content and location are crucial, so ask yourself, do you want it to show when you’re wearing clothes? Do you want a sneaky little one where only a few lucky people get to see it? Here’s some inspiration that will help you decide exactly what it is you’re looking for.

Small tattoos

If it’s your first time getting a tattoo, it’s probably best that you test out the water first, so get something on the smaller side. You could also work with what you’ve got—have you got a birthmark somewhere on your body that a little line drawing wouldn’t hurt?

Doodles are a good one, because you can draw one yourself, then it’s your own design and no one else can have it. You also don’t have to be good at drawing to doodle, it could be a simple cube, your lucky number or a short word. You could get someone you love to draw a heart and get that inked, let’s just hope the love lasts as long as the tattoo.

The great thing about word tattoos is that a) they can be in whoever’s handwriting you want them to be in and b) you can roll with the mistakes and they’ll still look cool. Mistakes happen, right? So take them as easy as they come.

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Illustration tattoos

Here is when tattoos get really fun, an illustration is like a story. A picture says one hundred words as the saying goes, so get funky with it and introduce something a little more on a personal side, after all, it is your body.

Why not get something to remind you that you don’t have to be so serious all the time. Because, you really don’t! Channel your inner hippie and gravitate towards the colourful life that we live in, regardless of what other shit’s going on.

Another win with illustrative tattoos is that they suit colour. Whoever said all ink should be black was very wrong, because colour is great even if they do fade a little quicker than black tattoos, but who’s to say that it can’t be a plus side too? You could go over it in thirty years’ time and mix up the colours!

Big tattoos

Once you’re hooked after the first little tester tattoo, you could want to go large. Tattoos are notoriously addictive, so you might have started with one little tattoo and end up with one hundred little tattoos that cover your whole bod, and that’s hot.

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Like we said, your body’s a canvas and tattoos also have this crazy way of accentuating the features that you already have. A big back tat doesn’t have to look complicated or be heavily detailed to turn heads.

Then again, it could be a little more on the entrancing and complex side, while still looking elegant and unobtrusive to your body’s natural form.

Hyper realistic tattoos

If you do want to get up close and personal with the finer details though, they can be quite stunning when done properly, so be sure to do your research when choosing your tattoo artist. This is when shading takes the lead, and shading fades kindly over time so when it’s done right, you can’t really go wrong.

When it comes to hyper realism, colours can do wonders too. You could get a painting that moved you forever planted onto your body to look at as much as you want, wherever you are. Or you could get something quirky, fun and layered with meaning. These tattoos are a portal to somewhere else, so take advantage of it if you do choose to go down this route.

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Different tattoo artists use different techniques of getting the images onto your body. It is an ancient art, one that is to be respected just as we should our bodies. That being said, have fun, because why not?

Amazon wants you to pay with the palm of your hand

In the never-ending battle of Big Tech companies, Amazon has just released a new product: Amazon One, a “contactless way for people to use their palm” to conduct everyday activities like paying at a store or entering a location. According to Amazon, the new service is designed to be “highly secure and uses custom-built algorithms and hardware to create a person’s unique palm signature.” Is this something we can really trust Amazon with?

Granted, at first, this new product sounds crazy. Who in their right mind would willingly send their palm print to Amazon’s cloud? In comparison, Apple’s FaceID and TouchID are safer in the sense that both securely store a person’s biometric information on the device itself, meaning it is sealed off from other apps.

Amazon One’s rollout will start in selected Amazon Go stores, where it will be added to the store’s entry gate as a convenient choice for customers to use when entering the store to shop. In most retail environments, Amazon One could easily become an alternate payment or loyalty card option with a device at the checkout counter next to a traditional point of sale system. On top of that, Amazon thinks it could also be used for entering a location like a stadium, or badging into work.

Customers can already use Amazon One as an entry option at two of Seattle’s Amazon Go stores. It takes less than a minute to sign up using an Amazon One device. First, customers have to insert their credit card. Next, they need to hover their palm over the device and follow the prompts to associate that card with their unique palm signature that Amazon’s computer builds in real-time.

People get the option to enrol with just one palm or both, and then that’s it—they’re now signed up. Once they’re enrolled, all they have to do is to hold their palm above an Amazon One device for about a second or so.

When it comes to customer data, the Amazon One device is protected by multiple security controls and palm images are never stored on the device. Instead, the images are encrypted and sent to a “highly secure area” that Amazon has custom-built in the cloud where they create your palm signature. While the company’s obvious efforts at making potential new customers feel secure might reassure more than one, it should be clarified that your palm signature will be stored on Amazon’s cloud.

If you decide that you want to stop using Amazon One after trying it, in order for the company to delete your biometric data, you’ll have to request to delete data associated with Amazon One through the device itself or via the online customer portal at One.Amazon.com.

Data privacy worries pushed aside, I can’t lie, Amazon One does sound exciting albeit very futuristic, and as microchipping still hasn’t gotten under our skin, palm signatures might be the closest alternative we can get to it. Amazon One represents a quick, reliable, and somewhat secure way for people to identify themselves or authorise a transaction while moving seamlessly through their day.

Palm recognition is considered more private than some biometric alternatives because you can’t determine a person’s identity by looking at an image of their palm. It also requires someone to make an intentional gesture by holding their palm over the device to use, which means that it becomes harder to use against the owner’s will. And it’s contactless, which in current times is a pretty important point.

Amazon One will give the Big Tech company its own payments solution to compete with Apple Pay and Google Pay. And as we’ve seen after Amazon acquired Whole Foods for $13.7 billion in 2017, it is more than ready to go into physical retail. Will customers raise any concerns over Amazon One’s privacy settings? Let’s wait and see, but I’ve got a little idea of my own…