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‘Believe all women except Amber Heard’: Chris Rock mocks Heard in defence of Johnny Depp

On 12 May 2022, comedian Chris Rock—who recently made headlines for being on the receiving end of Will Smith’s shockingly violent reaction to Rock’s alopecia joke—took to the stage in London to kick off the UK arm of his Ego Death tour. Though many fans wondered if he’d bring up the now-infamous Oscars slap, Rock instead turned his attention to Amber Heard and the allegation that she defecated on Johnny Depp’s bed.

After joking about cancel culture, Rock discussed all of the ‘new rules’ when it comes to sex, stating: “Even if we start f*cking, you want that sh*t rough, you got to ask for it.” He then continued, “Believe all women, believe all women… Except Amber Heard. What the f*ck is she on? She sh*t in his bed! She’s fine but she’s not sh*tting fine.”

“Once you sh*t in someone’s bed, you just guilty of everything. […] And they had a relationship after that. It must be amazing p*ssy… I’ve been with some crazy b*tches but goddammit,” the comedian concluded.

As stated by LADbible, the crowd reacted positively to the callout—erupting into laughter as Rock emphasised one of the more unusual moments of Depp’s testimony. But as the Depp versus Heard trial continues, Rock is certainly not the only one to gain attention for picking a side.

Joe Rogan condemned the Aquaman actress on his highly popular (and controversial) podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, saying she is a “crazy lady” and that her allegations are “not true.”

“I’m watching this trial, and, like, it’s a cautionary tale about believing in bullsh*t, forming a narrative in your head like, ‘We’re rebels together’,” he said to his millions of listeners. “People that are just manipulative and full of sh*t like that? Doug Stanhope knows her. Stanhope’s buddies with Johnny Depp. He wrote something… like a little essay about how full of sh*t she is, and she threatened to sue him, and I think he had to wind up taking it down,” Rogan concluded.

Though more subtly than Rogan, Jennifer Anniston also recently showed her support to Depp by following him on Instagram just after the trial had already started. Shortly after, the Pirates of the Caribbean star returned the gesture.

When it comes to Heard, not as many celebrities have come to her defence. Numbers put aside, however, legendary radio host Howard Stern definitely made some noise when he blasted Depp for his “overacting” at the trial on his SiriusXM show in late April. “The reason he wanted that on—he wanted it televised [because] that’s what narcissists do,” Stern stated.

“I think Johnny Depp is a huge narcissist and what I mean by that is—he figured, ‘I’ll put this on TV and because I’m so persuasive and because I’m so smart, I’m such a wonderful guy’. If he isn’t acting—I mean, he’s so overacting because he’s writing his own material as he goes along. You know, I gotta tell you, he’s wrong. He shouldn’t be putting this on TV in any shape.”

However, it seems that having Stern’s clear support blasted on air was not enough to convince the majority of the public as more than 4 million people have now signed the petition calling for Heard’s removal from the upcoming Aquaman sequel.

The Change.org petition was originally created after Depp announced that he was asked by Warner Bros to resign from the role of Gellert Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

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Meanwhile, another petition—addressed to Disney this time—pleading the mass media giant to bring back Depp’s role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise’s sixth instalment is also gaining traction as we speak.

In more recent news concerning the ongoing trial, Heard’s legal team has been barred from presenting the actress’ leaked bloody lip photo as evidence because it wasn’t filed in time. Heard herself stated under oath that the blow that Depp would allegedly have given her happened during an argument in 2012.

The trial, which began on 11 April 2022, went on a weeklong hiatus. Proceedings are resuming today, Monday 16 May, with closing arguments scheduled for 27 May.

Johnny Depp fans turn Amber Heard’s sexual abuse testimony into disgusting TikTok trend

The messy details surrounding the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard lawsuit have permeated their way into the forefront of public discourse, namely social media, in what has undoubtedly become a trial on TikTok. Testimonies broadcast on the app by users along with controversial commentary, videos of ‘evidence’ found by supporters and disturbingly strange fan edits of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is what’s being called ‘coverage’ these days.

Though Heard’s abusive behaviour has been evidenced in court, the misogynistic mocking that has arisen in response to her sexual abuse testimony is worrying to say the least. Surfacing on the platform comes an insidiously dark trend that could set survivors back decades as users sexualise the description of her alleged assault for laughs. Unravelling the progressing societal attitudes towards abuse—largely in part to the #MeToo movement—women, particularly white women, have been creating videos listening to the TikTok sound and “trying to understand where Johnny Depp went wrong.”

Failing to understand where they themselves have gone wrong, this is, unfortunately, not the first wave of the trend. The alarming signs preceded this movement and began with Rolling Stone’s reports of domestic violence, whereby a TikTok audio—which sections a portion of Heard’s court testimony against Depp of physical violence—has been used as skit material. Users are recreating Heard’s description of the incident where she stated, “I was walking out of the bedroom. He slapped me across the face, I turned to look at him. And I said ‘Johnny you hit me. You just hit me’.”

In what could be the most notable example is a video that has been viewed over 16 million times. In it, a cat is used to placate the roles of both Depp and Heard and acts out the alleged slap made by the Fantastic Beasts alum against the Aquaman actress. The worst epithet of this TikTok torrent against Heard are actual couples recreating the scene in a mocking manner—with some even dressing as the pair. And this isn’t some sordid little corner of the internet. No, even some of TikTok’s most popular creators have participated in the acting challenge. With over 18,000 clips made in response to the sound, even users like @llilmaz (who have over 4 million followers) have jumped on the supposed ‘trend’. 

Let’s say for argument’s sake, Heard’s testimony is falsified, this does not suddenly make the context of the claims not about abuse—that fact is still true. And it is this fact that should embarrass those making light of the very serious issue.


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Following Rolling Stone’s reporting, the public pelting Heard is receiving took an even darker and more dramatic turn. In an audio that has since been removed from the platform, users filmed themselves reacting to the actress’ sexual assault testimony, in which she described being held against her will by the neck and her underwear torn off. Their response? “Trying to understand where ‘daddy Depp’ was wrong…”

Though the sound and respective videos are inaccessible for the most part, the emergence of such a trend in the first place is a terrifying result of a prevailing patriarchal concoction that most definitely will impact future survivors coming forward with their own testimonies. In perhaps what can be seen as some bizarre crossover into the world of true crime fanaticism, the unadulterated adoration of Depp—that sets him on some innocent, godly pedestal—is reminiscent of the trials of Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez. But this time, they’re not just sitting on the back benches of the courtroom, they’re saturating social media in droves.


#greenscreenvideo I’ll say it one last time despite losing hundreds of followers and receiving death threats #abuse

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Now, we’re not calling Depp a serial killer here, nor are we denying his valid victimhood to violence at the hands of Heard but—and it’s an important but—he’s not entirely innocent either. His own victimhood does not suddenly negate the crimes he may have committed too. The so-called ‘attractiveness’ of Depp, much like white women’s attitudes to Bundy or Ramirez, has fed into a burgeoning hyper-sexualisation by female fans that distracts the public from real evidence and focuses on how ‘hot’ he is. Sexualising the alleged abusive acts (whether real or not) does nothing but belittle victims of sexual violence and play into the existing vicious tropes of ‘you know you wanted it’.

The ‘uglification’ of Heard that has been happening, on the other hand—whereby people have mocked her appearance, facial expressions and clothing—reenacts classic cartoon imagery: beautiful is good and ugly is evil, in turn, celebrating the sexual abuse TikTok audio because of Depp’s looks.

Maureen Curtis, the vice-president of criminal justice programs at the victim assistance organisation Safe Horizon, told Rolling Stone that the trends were “not surprising.” “When you have a celebrity, particularly one who’s as well-liked like Johnny Depp, accused [of violence], it makes it harder for a survivor to want to come forward, and to be believed,” she said. “People don’t want to believe a well-liked man [could] do things like this.”

While Heard’s abusive actions are, of course, inexcusable, the attitudes to male abusers of the past pale in comparison to the vitriol rallied against her—that is misogyny. Never before have we seen such a public and universal attack against a male abuser. Where are all the male-written think-pieces on supporting the victim when it comes to Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby or Jeffrey Epstein? But when a woman is accused of violence, then the entire society (male and female) form a mob with pitchforks and wood at their disposal. Even Roman Polanski, who was convicted of a sexual crime against a child, has been continuously celebrated in cinema—but Heard, now that’s real evil.

The unbridled support of Depp is less about him being the victim of violence specifically and more so crosses over in an evident duality of his privileged maleness. One: if he indeed is also a perpetrator of abuse then he is absolved among fans and his crimes ignored (read: ‘she’s probably lying’) and two: he is also a victim of a violence that is supported, coddled and celebrated for coming forward. In either category, or most likely both, the actor ultimately receives sympathy.

The opposite exists for Heard. As both the victim and the abuser, she is loathed beyond measure. And just like the ghosts of the cases from the past, we will look back in 20 years and wonder how in the world female fanatics of Depp behaved in 2022.