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Man constantly stared at and stopped in public for looking like Heath Ledger

Matthew Scar, 30, claims that people keep staring at him in public because of his uncanny resemblance to Heath Ledger.

On one hand, we can kind of see why. Scar does look quite a bit like the actor mostly known for his role in The Dark Knight as the Joker, which might make people a bit uneasy given that Ledger died in 2008.

Scar, who is a musician and content creator from Italy and currently lives in London, claims that “obsessive” fans have inundated him with comments on TikTok, but that he’s also had the whole bizarre attention happen in real life.

He went as far as to say that some people have even refused to believe that he isn’t the Australian movie star, preferring instead to think they’ve just seen a “ghost.”

Either way, it’s all good publicity for Scar as he tries to grow his online presence.

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Before people started noticing him, Scar had a fairly normal life—until he moved to Perth, Australia, at the age of 20. As you can imagine, over there, most people were shocked when they met the Ledger lookalike.

Since then, he’s amassed 69,000 followers online and has even been asked to play the role of Ledger in a film. “I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they were scrolling on social media and had to stop because they thought they saw a ghost,” Scar explained, as first reported by LADbible.

“I’m not often mistaken for him in public, because we all know he’s no longer with us, but I do get people staring while in the park or any public place. They usually ask me for a picture and normally the first thing they say when approaching me is: ‘Sorry, I know you must get this a lot but do you know who you look like?’ I’ve had comments online such as ‘You look more like Heath Ledger than Heath Ledger’, which was quite funny, and ‘Are you telling me you’re not him?’”

Just to be clear everyone—sadly, he’s not.

But looking like the beloved star has a downside too. Even though Scar’s true passion is music (heavy metal, to be precise), he finds that people tend to only focus on his famous face.

But hey, there’s work in that, too. Explaining how he landed the role in the upcoming movie Fatal Addiction, which will be available on streaming platforms in December 2022, the 30-year-old said: “I simply got a call from a lookalikes agency, and they asked if I wanted to play Heath for a movie.”

“It was great fun to be on a movie set and I’m really curious to see the final result. I haven’t been involved in any other productions because of how I look and if I’m honest, I’m focused [on my own success]. But I am glad that thanks to Heath, I’ve had the opportunity to be on a movie set and sometimes it feels like I’ve been able to do stuff thanks to him, even if we’ve never met,” Scar continued.

He also went on to praise Ledger’s performance in both Brokeback Mountain and The Dark Knight. “It’s a shame he’s no longer with us and I’m sure if he was, he would’ve given us many more award-winning performances,” Scar concluded.

From Jared Leto to Christian Bale, here are 5 crazy things method actors have done for their roles

Method acting is a term used to define a range of training and rehearsal techniques that seek to encourage sincere and expressive performances through identifying with, understanding, and experiencing a character’s inner motivation and emotions. The concept was first drafted by Russian theatre practitioner Konstantin Stanislavski in the early 1900s, who famously said, “Remember; there are no small parts, only small actors.” Though he did not use the term “method acting,” he encouraged actors to create naturalistic performances, which gave a noticeable contrast to the traditionally more theatrical and heightened style of that era.

A method actor is often consumed by their role—they meticulously research their character to gain insight into what it feels like to be them and why they make the decisions they do throughout the course of the play, series or film concerned. Long story short, it leads method actors to empathise with their characters’ emotions—whatever they may be.

Over time, it seems that the idea that an actor must authentically experience and feel the lived reality of the character they are playing has shifted into the only thing that US Hollywood actors deem to be ‘good acting’. Don’t get me wrong, it has given us a century of brilliant performers, acolytes of the so-called Method: Marlon Brando, Dustin Hoffman, Ellen Burstyn, Jane Fonda, Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, Faye Dunaway, Jack Nicholson, Hilary Swank, Leonardo DiCaprio, Heath Ledger and more.

But some of the modern actors who are known to swear by the practice have oftentimes taken things too far. To show you exactly what “too far” means here, we compiled a top five of the craziest things actors did in the name of method acting.

1. Jared Leto had to be pushed to and from the bathroom in a wheelchair for ‘Morbius’

When you think of method acting, chances are the first person that comes to mind is Jared Leto and how reportedly insufferable he’s been on countless movie sets over the years—his long history of paedophilia and predatory behaviour is also widely known, yet not many seem to be actually going after the actor for it. But that’s a story for another time.

More recently, Leto’s been making waves for his over-the-top behaviour while filming his latest movie, Morbius—which, it should be said, has received awful reviews since its release. In an interview with Uproxx, the Marvel movie’s director Daniel Espinosa was asked, “Someone told me that Jared Leto was so committed to playing Michael Morbius that even when he had to go to the bathroom, he would use his crutches and slowly limp to get to the bathroom. But it was taking so long between for pee breaks, that a deal was made with him to get him a wheelchair so someone could wheel him there quicker and he agreed to that. Is this true?”

Espinosa answered with a yes, to which he added that Leto felt he needed to mimic and fully embody his character, who lived with chronic pain as a result of a specific blood condition. “I think that what Jared thinks, what Jared believes, is that somehow the pain of those movements, even when he was playing normal Michael Morbius, he needed, because he’s been having this pain his whole life,” the director explained. “Even though, as he’s alive and strong, it has to be a difference. Hey, man, it’s people’s processes,” he concluded.

Yep, some overworked, underpaid below-the-line worker (maybe multiple) was given the task of pushing a multi-millionaire feigning a limp to urinate. And we don’t even know if Leto was assisted beyond being transported to the loo. His reputation as a nightmare to work with is not new either—we all remember when he sent dead animals to his co-stars on the set of Suicide Squad.

2. Daniel Day-Lewis caught pneumonia on the set of ‘Gangs of New York’

We have to admit, Daniel Day-Lewis’ acting was pretty impressive when he played the role of Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York. But still, when the man decided he would rather freeze to death than wear a coat that couldn’t possibly exist in the 19th century, he just might have gone too far. The actor was so stubbornly and stupidly adamant not to wear a warmer coat between takes that he caught pneumonia.

“And I will admit that I went mad, totally mad… He [Bill the Butcher] was a bit of a punk, a marvellous character and a joy to be—but not so good for my physical or mental health,” Day-Lewis admitted himself when speaking to The Independent.

Prior to this little number, while preparing for In the Name of the Father, the actor lost 50 pounds (22.5 kilos) and spent two days in solitary confinement without food and water to get a feel of what some inmates go through. For Lincoln, he insisted everyone call him “Mr President.” Seriously?

3. For his role as Steve Jobs, Ashton Kutcher ate only fruit, ending with a hospital trip

For his role as the late American business magnate in the universally panned movie Jobs, Ashton Kutcher decided he’d try Jobs’ infamous fruitarian diet, which is made up of fruit, nuts, seeds and grains—nothing more.

Inevitably, Kutcher had to be rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with pancreatitis. No one can tell us that the actor would have never been able to play Jobs without all those celery juices…

4. Choi Min-sik ate a living octopus for ‘Oldboy’ (four times)

Usually, actors are given the option not to eat a live animal for a specific scene—and more often than not, most people go for that option. But you always get some strange exceptions to the rule. Nicolas Cage famously ate a live cockroach while filming Vampire’s Kiss. Actually, he ate two because they had to film the scene twice—and it’s even be said that he wanted to munch on a live bat instead of a cockroach.

But that’s nothing compared to Korean actor Choi Min-sik, who you might remember from I Saw The Devil, Lucy, and the movie where he ate a very much alive squid, Oldboy. It only gets worse when you know that they shot that scene four times, meaning that the actor had to eat four freaking octopuses. Oh, and it’s important to note that Min-sik is both a Buddhist and a vegetarian.

5. Christian Bale dropped four stone in four months for ‘The Machinist’

Christian Bale’s portrayal of emaciated insomniac Trevor Reznik in the 2005 thriller The Machinist led him to lose four stone (25 kilos) in only four months using an extremely calorie-sparse diet to ditch the weight from his previous role in American Psycho.

As reported by Men’s Health, “Across the four months of pre-production, Bale subsided on a diet of black coffee, one apple and a tin of tuna per day.” Speaking to Esquire, Harley Street health expert Daniel O’Shaughnessy explained that “this is less than 200 calories per day, so it’s not healthy at all. An extreme diet like this will play havoc with your metabolism and cause a lot of stress on the body.” You don’t say!