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Boris Johnson joins TikTok and leaves commenters begging for a ‘hair tutorial’

By Monica Athnasious

May 11, 2022


The power of TikTok has shown its hand once again as even the UK Prime Minister wants a bit of the action—that’s right, Boris Johnson has made a TikTok account. Titled @10downingstreet, the account is described as “the official TikTok page for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office.” With just two videos uploaded so far, the account has achieved over 130,000 followers (as of now) since its creation on Tuesday 10 May.

In a introductory video that has been watched over 2 million times, Johnson addressed his audience, “Hi folks, this is Boris Johnson here launching the number ten TikTok site and you won’t necessarily catch me dancing on the site but we will have all sorts of stuff about what we’re doing to deliver on on our priorities, deliver for you on our agenda of uniting and levelling up our country.”

Other than hilariously calling his account a “site,” Johnson promises exclusive content you won’t find on any other social media platform—including behind-the-scenes insights into what goes on in his team.


Welcome to Number 10 TikTok!

♬ original sound - 10 Downing Street

Of course, the reaction to the account has been comical, to say the least. One commenter admitted, “Theresa would have danced 0.001/10 Boris.” Another wrote, “Boris lad, lower the Freddo prices cheers,” while a third read, “Boris can you do a hairstyle tutorial please.” Meanwhile, others called for him to resign. But the TikTok page is not the only car crash for Johnson this week…

A black Vauxhall Astra crashed into and demolished a boundary wall of a £1.2 million townhouse owned by Johnson and his wife on Monday morning. No offences were detected by police so the incident was deemed an accident.