Wednesday actor Percy Hynes White accused of sexual assault and racism in viral Twitter thread

By Mason Berlinka

Updated Jan 30, 2023 at 10:41 AM

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Percy Hynes White might not be the broody, arty heartthrob you thought he was. The actor, most recently known for playing Xavier Thorpe in Netflix’s hit Wednesday is facing sexual assault allegations. Multiple women have started to come out against the 21-year-old actor, primarily circulating around a Twitter thread started by @milkievich on Wednesday 18 January 2023.

The accusations are numerous and include coercion of minors, sexual assault allegations, and even the use of racist slurs and offensive memes. Here’s everything you need to know about the recent claims.

The sexual assault allegations against Percy Hynes White

It all started when the Twitter user known only as @milkievich came out with claims that White had allegedly assaulted her and her friends while he was living in Toronto, Canada when he was 17. This led to several other women coming out with their own unpleasant experiences with the actor; their stories were quoted by @milkievitch in her thread, which has since been deleted.

Essentially, the star is accused of predatory behaviour, having allegedly gone as far as to throw parties with the explicit intention of getting girls drunk or high, in order to eventually take advantage of them. These “basement parties” are said to have been thrown by White and his friends who were all aged between 17 and 20, while the victims were aged 13 to 17.

To make matters worse, another more recent thread included screenshots from a girl who claims that White slept with her while she was underage, supposedly completely aware of the fact that the victim was 14, and not aged 16, a number he was reportedly telling people to make himself feel better.

The second viral thread also includes photos, the contents of which are inappropriate and uncomfortable especially when considering the accusation that these images were sent to group chats that included minors.

On TikTok, another account has since surfaced which continues to back up the allegations previously made against the actor. These videos were shared by Twitter user @newdiaryentry. The latest reported victim claims to have gone to high school with White and that this was already the kind of behaviour that he was “notoriously known for” there. It was also said that an attempt to take Percy to court had been made by one of the alleged victims but nothing was done about it. His recent success on the show may be why the claims have resurfaced—now with more weight behind them.

Percy Hynes White is also accused of problematic and racist behaviour

On top of the sexual and physical allegations against the 21-year-old, accusations of him making racist claims and displaying other signs of problematic behaviour are also beginning to surface with a shocking video featuring White using a racial epithet making the rounds on TikTok. Be warned, the video is uncomfortable to watch and has him perpetrating simulated violence against a person of colour in a very weird, racist, 50s America roleplay.

In what seems like a neverending list of accusations against the actor, there’s also a screen recording from Instagram which shows his account liking imagery that is often associated with white supremacy and nazism.

Since these claims have been made, the Twitter account associated with a lot of the screenshots allegedly shared by the actor has been deleted. White has also restricted his comments on Instagram, presumably to silence the discussion revolving around his conduct. The official Instagram account for Wednesday has also gone quiet since the surfacing of allegations.

It’s unclear as to whether White will return for the show’s highly anticipated second season and if legal action will be taken against him by any of the women who have spoken out online.

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