The different types of annoying housemates you’ll have to deal with

By Jack Lee

Published Feb 20, 2021 at 09:45 AM

Reading time: 2 minutes

Your initial days in university involve sharing accommodation with near-strangers—in fact, you might keep on living with housemates even after your studies. Unfortunately, most of the time, people soon realise and note various types of annoying and irritating flatmates. Housemate’s bad habits include pile-up of dirty dishes, open cans of tuna found in the fridge, and running out of clean spoons and forks because no one else does the dishes.

These habits lead to cracks developing between housemates and the worst thing is that there are many types of difficult housemates out there. Although we do not encourage labelling and stereotyping housemates in this manner, sometimes knowing what you’re dealing with makes it easier to tackle. You can also learn more about complicated flatmates on Assignment Geek.

1. The spoiled brat

Sadly, spoiled brats are unavoidable in life. If you end up living with one, you will go to hell and back. Such characters usually take a gap year to explore themselves and are always complaining about lacking something to wear even though they have more designer clothes than most people.

2. The nagger

Naggers are super handy at sorting issues around the house, such as handling mouse-shaped problems and fixing power cuts. But, by doing so, they’re also experts at making you feel like you’ve just moved from one parent to another. Not ideal.

3. The dirty slob

Such flatmates have their utensils covered with mould, and usually can’t be bothered with cleaning their dirty dishes after a big party. They’re either busy playing on their PS4 while scoffing the previous night’s leftover food or watching some movies. The smell coming from their bedroom is sickenly strong, and they are most definitely responsible for the stain on your carpet.

4. The party animal

Party animals come in handy when you’re looking to get slaughtered on a weeknight. The problem is that they always take things too far—even for you. You’ll meet them half-naked in the hallway the next morning or asleep in the kitchen since they did not manage to climb the stairs. We’ve all been there, done that, but get a grip!

5. The drama queen

Dramatic housemates can be pretty scary because of their terrible mood swings. For instance, let’s imagine they ‘borrowed’ your frying pan and failed to clean it. If you dare mention it, they’ll be ready to pick up a fight with you, and they’ll win.

6. The soppy lover

You may enjoy a good time with them, but you might not enjoy living with them without contributing to rent as much. Okay, their baby voice can be weirdly cute sometimes, but them eating all your cereals certainly isn’t. Make it clear that if things do not work, then they will need to move out asap.

7. The invisible one

These housemates that travel home every weekend, and surprisingly, you yet have had the chance to meet them. Be grateful that they exist because in a busy student’s hall of residence, such characters are a blessing in disguise. They are on point when it comes to paying rent, yet never disturb anyone with loud music.

8. The music lover

We all love music, but listening to Drake’s latest song at 4 a.m. is not cool.

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