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For Anti-Bullying Week 2020, Sophia Hadjipanteli shares 5 tips on how to get over online bullying

By Alma Fabiani

Nov 17, 2020


Yesterday marked the beginning of Anti-Bullying Week 2020, and to support the anti-bullying charity Ditch The Label in its mission to raise awareness of the consequences of bullying and online abuse, Screen Shot launched the Not Just a Comment campaign. For it, we partnered with six inspiring advocates standing up against online abuse and asked them to share the hate comments they receive using #NotJustAComment in order to highlight the impact these words and comments can have.

Online bullying affects people from any age, including children, teens and adults who can all feel distressed and alone when receiving those comments. The brutality of online hate can make someone feel completely overwhelmed, which is why we found it crucial to encourage others to open up about the hurtful comments they receive in order to knock down the idea that posting hateful comments is acceptable.

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Among the six advocates we partnered with, we had the chance to speak with Cypriot-Greek-British model and activist Sophia Hadjipanteli, who, through her social media platforms has become an advocate for unconventional beauty with the mission to encourage more comprehensive beauty standards and ‘normalise what society pressures us to hide or fix’.

As the founder of the #UnibrowMovement, she’s well-used to receiving online comments and she wanted to share some of her best tips on how to get over online bullying with you guys. Here they are.


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1. Report and block

Just because people have an opinion does not give them the right to make you hear it—take control of the situation and get rid of them!”

2. Ignore, ignore, ignore!!!

“If we all listened to our online bullies, we would be so boring and no one would be different! Everything you do should be mostly for yourself, don’t allow the noise to cloud out your music. I know it is easier said than done so this one definitely takes time and practice! Nothing someone else says about you is true—only what you believe is.”

3. You’re not alone in this

“Remember that you are not alone. Even though at times it can feel like you are the only ‘non-perfect’ person being targeted online, you are not.”

4. Speak up!

“Speak about it! Talk to your friends and family about what you are dealing with. You should never feel by yourself when dealing with bullying.”

5. Just be your fabulous self

“Be even more yourself. Give those bullies something to really talk about next time you are online. Nothing frustrates insecure individuals like seeing someone live their perfectly imperfect life without giving a fuck.”

In 2020, we need to start tackling online abuse, because whether it was just for a laugh or actual hate, a comment is not just a comment. You too, share on social media a picture or a video of the meanest comments you’ve received. Use the hashtag #NotJustAComment and encourage others to do the same.

Reach out to anyone who you think might be suffering from bullying and donate if you can to help support the incredible work Ditch The Label is doing, and remember, just be your lovely self!