Fun ways to beat boredom in your relationship

By Miranda Davis

Published Jun 14, 2021 at 09:42 AM

Reading time: 3 minutes


If you thought cheating and other forms of toxicity are the biggest challenges affecting relationships today, you need to do your homework right. The truth is, boredom in a relationship is a significant challenge that often gets overlooked. While you might think you’re okay with your partner even after hooking up on the best dating sites, nothing guarantees that the passion and excitement will last forever. Essentially, boredom in a relationship is an everyday experience. However, it can create an emotional gap if left unaddressed. This article highlights fun ways to avoid boredom in a relationship and keep the passion alive.

1. Be spontaneous in some of your activities

While your partner may want to share the rest of their life with you, there’s no assurance they’ll remain fond of everything you do or plan. Like any normal human being, they experience boredom if you do the same things time and again.

But why let monotony define your relationship when you can try different things? Ideally, the boredom is a result of your partner becoming used to your usual moves. This offers you a golden chance to pull the least expected surprise. It can be anything from buying a movie ticket, preparing your partner their favourite meal, or even taking them on a trip overseas. Depending on their preference, think of something your partner will like that you don’t normally do.

2. Try new ways to spice up your bedroom romance

Many don’t know this, but a less exciting sexual life causes boredom in most relationships. Experts opine that your bedroom romance should be the first thing to look at if your relationship loses its flavour and passion. Similarly, reinventing bedroom romance could be the perfect getaway on how to overcome boredom in such a relationship.

There are plenty of ways to stop boredom in a relationship by reinventing bedroom excitement. You can opt to try something new in bed if you feel like you’ve been doing the same thing for some time. Once you implement your new way, boredom may become a thing of the past.

3. Get silly and flirt

It’s normal to assume ‘decency’ when you’ve stayed in a relationship for a while. However, you should be careful because getting too comfortable in a relationship may be a sign of boredom. If anything, you should know that flirting keeps the fire burning and even reminds you of when you started dating.

Better yet, it’s one of the best ways to kick out boredom in a long-term relationship. To achieve a considerable impact, think of all the fun and embarrassing things in your relationship life and make fun of them. Remember that long-term relationships are at the highest risk of experiencing boredom. So if you’re in one, try to relive the memories by flirting and doing silly things together. That way, you’ll manage to inject more passion into your connection and kick boredom out.

4. Explore new things and hobbies each day

Boredom normally starts if you’re too rigid to try new things. If your typical day entails the usual stuff; working out, going to work, and eating dinner, find a way to add new things into that routine.

You can opt to go out on a vacation trip somewhere far. Just have in mind that whatever you opt for is something that can shake your daily routine for the better. Even more, it should be something you’re all comfortable with. Relationship experts advise that having a new hobby as partners allows bonding. Additionally, it elevates your connection to a new level, insulating you from boredom.

5. Focus on yourself

Maintaining a strong relationship means putting in all your energy. This in itself is a good gesture, especially if the relationship means everything to you. Even so, disregarding your personal development can impact your relationship in ways you least expect. For instance, your partner may feel you’re too much into the relationship. This is toxic and has a huge turn-off effect, which in the long run breeds boredom.

You can change all this by focusing on yourself and injecting the same positive energy into your relationship. Focusing on yourself also means having some time off to indulge in activities that keep you mentally fit. This will allow you to break the boredom in the relationship and make things exciting again. Besides, make sure you avoid each other’s company for a while if things aren’t as lively as they ought to be. This will allow you to come back fresh.

6. Create goals and other plans together

Relationships shouldn’t be about keeping aside your goals and ambitions in favour of your partner’s. You both have to pursue your goals to avoid boredom in a relationship resulting from one feeling sidelined. If you’re in a long-term relationship, you can begin with identifying what works for both of you and how to achieve it through a shared effort.

Even better, you can plan and establish more long-term goals together. This can be anything simple, as long as it makes you believe in each other.  Doing this or even overhauling the plans altogether will add excitement and reduce the chances of experiencing boredom.

Boredom is a real challenge to many people in short and long-term relationships. It’s one of those relationship lows that can be destroyed if not properly handled. But with the few insights provided above, you have all it takes to break the boredom and make everything fun again.

If you’ve ever experienced boredom in a relationship before, try to think about what you did (or didn’t do) differently in order to change the situation and what it led to.

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