Rate My Date: The one where he fell asleep 20 minutes in


Published Apr 20, 2023 at 10:00 AM

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Keep your friends close and your internet besties closer. Introducing Rate My Date, a weekly venting session where indecisive singles share their first-date stories in exchange for some well-needed honesty. Will there be a second date on the cards? Your call.

Name: Nicki
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 26
Occupation: Video editor
Dating history: Pretty minuscule
Looking for: Someone who can match my energy

It was my first date ever in life (and it’ll most likely be my last for at least several years). I’d made the decision to meet up with this guy I didn’t really know. He was also a few years older than me but not so much so that I thought it would be a massive issue.

We went to Westfield in Stratford and he took me to the cinema. I’m a massive Tango Ice Blast girlie and so was more than happy to watch a movie. We met in the middle of the shopping centre and despite the fact that he was significantly shorter than me, I liked his energy and I found it super easy to chat with him and make jokes.

We got into the screening room, found our seats and waited for the ads to finish. At this point, everything was going smoothly. We weren’t extra chatty but that kind of comes with the territory when you’re going to the movies.

Now, it's your chance to share your initial thoughts:

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About 20 minutes into the film, I noticed that I could hear a deep rumbling snore. I looked back at the rows of seats behind me, thinking it was coming from someone sitting there. Turns out, it was actually coming from my left—my date was fully knocked out, head back, his mouth wide open, snoring so loud it sounded like it was coming from the cinema’s sound system.

Completely panicked and unsure of what to do, I tried nudging him a couple of times, to no success. Although no one in the room said anything, it literally took less than five minutes for the ushers to come in with their flashlights and kick us out. Having to do the walk of shame out of the theatre was something I will quite literally never forget.

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I obviously don’t blame or resent him for snoring (although I have to admit that it might become an issue if we ever spend the night together), but I do think he could have made an effort to stay awake during our first date.

When we left the cinema, he apologised and told me that he had barely gotten any sleep the night before. He nicely offered to buy me dinner instead, but I was so mortified by this initial flop that I recommended he go home instead.

It’s now been three days since we met and I’m yet to hear from him. I know I might have given him mixed signals but he fell asleep on our first date. I also know that I could text him first instead of waiting by the phone, but again, he’s the one who dozed off on our first date. Is he too embarrassed to reach out again? Did he lie about being tired in the first place and actually just found me incredibly boring?

I can’t tell, but I’d like to figure it out somehow, perhaps on a second date. So, should I reach out?

Final say, final vote:

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