The 10 best summer shoes for 2023

By Jennifer Raymont

Published May 29, 2023 at 09:15 AM

Reading time: 1 minute


With summer well and truly on its way and the weather warming up (did someone say heatwave?), it’s time to put the UGGs on hold and get your tootsies summer-ready.

From Sambas to sandals, we’ve rounded up our favourite must-have summer shoes. Crocs and Birkenstocks may be a little predictable, but they’re both a classic and can also act as your best friends if you’re planning on getting your daily steps in. Others are a little more rogue—I never thought a ballet flat trainer would look so good.

That being said, with the end of the month already here, payday has officially arrived. So go on, treat yourself!

1. Adidas Sambas

Whether they’re Sambas or Spezials, let’s face it, these lookalike kicks are a must-have for all you blokecore girlies.

2. Birkenstocks

The Birkenstock Bostons are the Scandi influencers’ favourite and even better if you want to keep your toes hidden while staying cool—in both senses of the word. I’ll definitely be bringing out my double strap Stocks this summer.

3. Crocs

From Stocks to Crocs, these are the SCREENSHOT editorial team’s personal favourite. You can opt for the classic or go bold with a platform sandal, but whatever you do make sure you jazz them up with an array of Jibbitz.

4. Dr. Martens

If you’re reluctant to put your classic DM boots away, the brand’s sandals are a great alternative. Just make sure to stock up on blister plasters before putting them on.

5. Ballet flats

We might as well call balletcoreBellacore’ as Bella Hadid is a seasoned professional at the pirouette. If you want to drop the cash, head to Miu Miu, if not Urban Outfitters has a decent dupe.

6. Ballet flat trainers

If you want to mix gorpcore and balletcore, go for these ballet flat trainer hybrids. They’re like Marmite, you either love them or you hate them.

7. Havaianas

Flip flops are a summer staple, especially when you have sand between your toes. Channel your inner Lizzie McGuire with the slightly more chunky version.

8. Kickers

White Air Force 1’s have had their moment and 2023 is in desperate need of an alternative. I’m suggesting Kickers.

9. Biker boots

These have the potential to make you sweat up a storm but paired with a ditsy summer dress, it’s giving coastal cowgirl.

10. Loafers

Loafers went viral on TikTok after Emma Chamberlain made them her go-to. Like with the ballet flats, you can go designer with Chamberlain’s very own Prada loafers or the high street has plenty of alternatives.

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