Here’s our guide to the 20 cutest Baggu products out there

By Jennifer Raymont

Published Jun 24, 2023 at 09:00 AM

Reading time: 2 minutes

Baggu bags are the latest TikTok trend to have the fashion girls gagging and in a complete accessory chokehold. The San Franciscan brand has come a long way from its founder Emily Sugihara’s university bedroom.

Sugihara launched the brand, alongside her mother and best friend in 2007—it doesn’t get more wholesome than that. As the threat of climate change continued to grow, as it still continues to do, the trio noticed a desperate lack of sustainably-produced and reusable bags that were fun to look at in both pattern and price. We’re talking bright coloured and funky patterns that put your standard plastic bag to shame. And so, the first Baggu bag was born. 

The year of their launch, news outlets were desperate to write about the bags, but OG fans have stayed loyal throughout all peaks and troughs and have now been joined by gen Zers—these bags really are irresistible. Today, Teen Vogue articles have turned into Tik Toks, as the self-proclaimed Baggu girlies dumped their hauls on our feeds.

According to The New York Times, Baggu doesn’t rely on mass influencer marketing, in fact it doesn’t gift its products to influencers at all. It takes a much more wholesome approach—we couldn’t love this brand more. Baggu will sporadically send free gifts to its most loyal customers and fans and with dedicated What’s in my Baggu videos reaching 2.8 million views on Tik Tok, it seems like there’s a hell of a lot of competition for a freebie.

If you’re not one of the lucky chosen ones to get a cheeky free-gift through the letterbox, Baggu comes with a pretty reasonable price tag, hence why TikTokers have such vast collections. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up twenty of our favourite Baggu bits and bobs. From bags for your emotional support water bottle to stunning quilts to stay cosy at night. To be completely honest, we’re finding it extremely hard not to add all twenty to our basket.

1. Bags, bags and more bags

Baggu bags come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Whatever your carrying needs are, Baggu has got you covered. They’re even giving the much sought after Uniqlo crossbody bag a run for its money.

2. Shop til you drop

With sustainability at Baggu’s core, they have a huge range of foldable shopping bags for you to carry your snacks home with. We love this ‘I heart NY’ print, it almost looks plastic.

3. Fanny packs

With festival season in full swing and Glastonbury rolling around this weekend, make sure to scoop up a fanny pack and keep your belongings, and portable perfume, safe.

4. Picnic essentials

After summer 2023 was officially declared rat girl summer, Baggu has all the equipment to ensure a summer of scurrying and snacking in the sun.

5. Hello Kitty collab

Okay, full disclosure, this collaboration is intended for kids. However, it is the cutest thing ever so we had to mention. We’ll definitely be trying to squeeze our adult sized feet into these teeny tiny socks.

6. Weekend away

After all the hard work we’ve endured to save up for a Baggu spending sesh, a weekend away is exactly what we need. The packing cubes even make us excited to dive into the mess that is our wardrobes and start packing.

7. Safety first cases

Nowadays, there’s a piece of tech for every aspect of our daily lives. And Baggu has the cases and pouches you need to keep them all safe and tucked away. 

8. Accessories

Baggu really has covered all aspects of your wardrobe, from head to toe—quite literally with their hats and socks.

9. Home is where the Baggu is

Baggu doesn’t stop at accessories, they’ve also branched out into the homeware universe. This quilt is giving Scandinavian bedroom drenched in sun—I need!

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