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How to keep yourself physically and mentally fit in 2021

Health is the physical, mental, social, and behavioural wellbeing that governs your life. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, you are more likely to stay salubrious and devoid of ailments. With the new year comes the responsibility to transform your lifestyle into a new and beneficial one. But it also requires careful analysis of your daily activities and constant modifications that could improve your vital functions—which is probably why we’re still talking of New Year’s resolution even though we’re in March already! From the type of exercise routine you should go for to the food you should be eating, here are easy yet effective ways to achieve long-term wellness and health.

1. Exercise regularly

Almost every person wishes they could adapt to a healthy lifestyle and be more active. But few of them gather the motivation to incorporate as well as follow a strict workout routine. Exercise is the best way to reduce stress and balance out your mental pathways. Also, it helps in regulating your hormonal levels and increases the levels of happiness hormones. As serotonin and endorphin levels increase, you end up feeling rejuvenated, happier, and calmer than ever. Start with moderate exercises like planks, squats, and lunges. In case anaerobic exercises don’t suit you, try other physical activities like swimming and running.

The key to a better lifestyle and health is a regular exercise routine. Not only will it nourish your psychological aspects, but it also prevents obesity and other lifestyle disorders.

2. Herbal aids

Natural therapy is a new trend in the healthcare management world. It ensures physical wellness without causing any kind of side-effects. Also, herbs like cannabis, chamomile, and valerian may improve your mental health and prevent long-term stress. You can use Sunday Scaries to ease down your stress levels and alleviate mild to moderate pains. Along with this, herbs can curb inflammation and take a toll on sleep disorders. Other than this, chamomile and lavender also improve psychological conditions like sleeplessness, anxiety, and depressive episodes.

Some effective ways to try out herbal supplements are through extracts, tea, and powdered supplements. Also, liquid supplements like oils and tinctures may be beneficial to your health in the long run. Replace the over-the-counter medications with herbal remedies to replenish your nutritional reservoir and enhance wholesome salubrity. Not only will it curb the side effects of regular medications, but it will also boost your natural immunity.

3. Dietary factors

Another crucial factor behind long-term wellness is the kind of diet you follow on a daily basis. Try to add more whole foods to your diet for maximum nourishment. Some whole foods that can do wonders for your vital organs are grains, legumes, fresh fruits, and vegetables. All of these include additional nutritional values and can help prevent the accumulation of saturated fats in your body. Also, research suggests that a diet rich in raw foodstuffs promotes longevity and strengthens the immune system. All you need to do is replace sugar-laden snacks with fruits containing natural sugar.

Such foods are likely to fuel your stomach and reduce the levels of hunger hormones like ghrelin. Hence, it rejuvenates your mind and provides the required energy to tackle strenuous tasks. Make sure to stick to such a diet for the adequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals.

4. Sleep routine

Do you find it challenging to sleep or maintain sleep duration throughout the night? Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders which leads to an inability to fall or stay asleep. It occurs along with specific psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, and mood changes. To maintain wellness, you must get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. During those sleep hours, your body recovers and replenishes lost nutrients. That’s why lack of sleep is likely to degrade your immune functions.

You can seek natural sleep aids like aromatherapy, massage, and herbs for refreshing sleep. Some natural herbs that may also improve your circadian rhythm are valerian, lavender, and peppermint. Other than this, bedtime yoga and meditation may curb sleep issues. Don’t forget to seek professional help in case your sleep cycle fails to get back to normal.

5. Stay hydrated

There’s no doubt that adequate hydration is essential to stabilise mental and physical health. More than 70 per cent of Americans experience dehydration at least once in their entire life. Proper hydration ensures the transport of essential nutrients to vital organs. Also, it helps in flushing out toxins and leads to regular purification of the body. You must drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water per day to meet the body’s physiological demands. Try to diversify your fluid intake in the form of juices, protein shakes, and detox water. It helps in increasing nutritional values and keeps microbial attacks at bay.

Lifestyle is all about having the right amount of daily habits that aid in the maintenance of your physical and mental health. If you wish to improve your lifestyle, you must try to make slight changes to your daily routines. Start with adequate hydration and consuming more raw fruits and vegetables. You also need to increase the protein content in your diet for muscle development and recovery. Get your hands on herbal remedies and stick to at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. That way, you’ll be able to promote physical as well as mental salubrity and curb microbial attacks. With a healthier lifestyle, you are likely to remain satiated and full of enthusiasm!

Influencers are sunbathing their buttholes as the new wellness trend to ‘recharge their bodies’

It’s early in the morning. You’re tired after your routine laps around the cul-de-sac when you spot someone with no pants lying on the ground, lifting up their legs before spreading them open in a V shape towards the sun…

Introducing ‘perineum sunning’, also known as ‘who needs coffee when I can butt-chug sunlight?’. The latest wellness trend includes exposing your perineum—the super-thin area of skin between your vagina (or, in men, the penis) and the anus—to the sun for a period of 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

“In a mere 30 seconds of sunlight on your butthole, you will receive more energy than you would in an entire day being outside with your clothes on,” says Ra of Earth in his video, introducing Instagram to this ‘self-care’ trend. The viral video, which has amassed over 84,000 views, features three nude men approaching the sun and pulling off ‘The Sunny Spready Solstice Pose’ at a mountainside.

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The wellness enthusiast has also been kind enough to post step-by-step instructions for ‘sun worship exercise’ pulled from The Tao of Sexology: The Book of Infinite Wisdom written by Doctor Stephen T. Chang. “Turn your body so that your back is towards the sun,” the instructions read. “Lean over so that the sunlight comes into the opening. Feel the warmth penetrate into the tissue.” According to the post, sunlight has excellent germicidal qualities that can neutralise germs in the nether regions, keeping the area healthy and free from infections.

The trend later shook spiritual influencer Metaphysical Meagan who took to Instagram to preach the practice. “I start my day with 5 minutes of perineum sunning and feel energised for hours,” writes Meagan, recommending the wellness trend to “anyone who is seeking optimal health.” Meagan notes that perineum sunning is an ancient Taoist practice that originated in the Far East. In Taoism, the perineum is called the “gate of life and death” and is considered a gateway where energy enters and exits the body.

According to Meagan, benefits of perineum sunning include strengthening of organs through solar energy, preventing the leakage of ‘chi’ or life force energy from the body to sustain health and longevity, increasing creativity, aiding libido, regulating hormonal functions, promoting deeper sleep and amplifying your aura. “The ideal hours of the day to do this is between 7 to 9 a.m,” Meagan guides, wrapping up with “the intention of this is not to tan your butthole!”

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The trend doesn’t stop there. A-listers like Shailene Woodley, Diplo and Johnny Knoxville are the latest butthole-sunning advocates. “I like to give my vagina a little vitamin D,” Woodley tells Into The Gloss. She admits to having read about the practice in an article written by a herbalist about yeast infections and other genital issues. “If you’re feeling depleted, go in the sun for an hour and see how much energy you get. Or, if you live in a place that has heavy winters, when the sun finally comes out, spread your legs and get some sunshine!”

But what do those with actual medical degrees think about this trend? “As a dermatologist, I cannot recommend any sun exposure without sun protection,” Nazanin Saedi, MD, Director of the Jefferson Laser Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Center, tells “These areas, just like other areas of the body, need sun protection and clothing tends to provide that.”

“It’s actually dangerous,” comments David E. Bank, MD, founder of Mount Kisco’s Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery. “This skin is particularly sensitive. Over time, it could result in an increased risk of skin cancer,” he adds.

In fact, Josh Brolin, an Academy Award nominated actor, admitted to having sustained ‘#severeperineumburns’ after unquestionably-following the trend. “My pucker hole is crazy burned and I was going to spend the day shopping with my family and instead I’m icing and using aloe and burn creams because of the severity of the pain,” the actor wrote, sharing the viral image of Metaphysical Meagan on Instagram.

While physicians recommend safer options like meditation, mindfulness and actual vitamin D diets and supplements to substitute the trend, it seems like the rest of the internet couldn’t help butting in, some pouring their morning coffees down the drain to try it themselves, others wondering why aliens don’t visit us anymore:

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