What’s happening to Cara Delevingne? Sister Poppy ‘rushes to her side’ amid growing concerns – Screen Shot
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What’s happening to Cara Delevingne? Sister Poppy ‘rushes to her side’ amid growing concerns

Earlier in September 2022, English model, actress and singer Cara Delevingne was spotted outside a Los Angeles sex shop smoking an unknown substance from a pipe and dropping clear liquid from a bottle into her mouth.

Then, just days ago, troubling images emerged of Delevingne, 30, behaving erratically as she waited to board none other than Jay-Z’s jet at the private Van Nuys airport just outside of Los Angeles. First, she was seen dangling her feet from the window of a Chevy Suburban as a driver took her to the airport.

Wearing a Britney Spears T-shirt, she made her way to the plane only to disembark 45 minutes later and was spotted pacing up and down while smoking, bending over and “acting jittery,” according to onlookers who spoke to Daily Mail. It’s not clear if the London native was asked to leave the plane or decided to do so on her own.

According to the publication, the cover girl appeared “unable to control her body movements at certain points as she was seen on the phone, dropping [it] and walking around looking very jittery and as if she was unable to stop moving.”


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Recently, Delevingne was known to spend some time at the Burning Man festival. Sources told the tabloid at that time that she didn’t eat or shower while at the event. “She had just spent days in the desert, not eating all that much and she looked dishevelled because she hadn’t had time to scrub up yet,” they said.

Less than a week after the images hit the news, it’s now been revealed that Delevingne’s sister, Poppy, 36, has raced to be by her side amid growing concern over her behaviour. Poppy, who lives in London, was spotted leaving Delevingne’s Los Angeles mansion on Friday 9 September.

In another Daily Mail article, a family friend allegedly said, “It is all very troubling. Cara has been open about her mental health issues in the past. She comes from a very good, close family and, of course, they will rally round and do whatever it takes to help her.”

“The family is clearly worried about her, which is why Poppy immediately went to be with her. Everyone is concerned about Cara’s behaviour,” they continued.

The model was expected to attend a Puma catwalk show in New York on Tuesday 13 September but sources are now saying she’s unlikely to attend.

Unfortunately for Delevingne, this latest turn of event is not the only worrying event taking place in her life. In April, her bankers at HSBC registered a charge against her company Cara & Co—despite the fact that it has assets of £41.4 million.

It has been speculated that the action was taken to protect the interests of her bankers in case her firm suffers a sudden reversal of fortune.

Regardless of what is going on, many netizens have expressed their concern over the celebrity’s wellbeing, with countless users comparing her behaviour to the one of the late singer Amy Winehouse.

Cara Delevingne is auctioning off an NFT about her vagina. Here’s why it matters

Cara Delevigne is auctioning off a piece of art about her vagina. Yes, you read that correctly. On Friday 14 May, the English model and actress announced the news in an Instagram video where she stood naked, narrating a monologue about her vagina. The unique NFT made by Delevingne herself, famous for her appearance in Suicide Squad, in collaboration with Chemical X Lab, will go up for digital auction on 22 May 2021.

In the video about her NFT release, she stated, “My first word was ‘mine’. To me, that means something that is most mine, my vagina. I own it. It’s mine and no one else’s. I choose what I do with it. And no one can take that away from me.” And to be honest, I fully support her, and you should too. Not only is she tapping into the lucrative NFT market to be rightfully rewarded for her creative work, but she’s also breaking stereotypes concerning body image and ownership—all while raising money for environmental causes, LGBTQIA+ communities, anti-racism causes, and the list goes on!

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But what is an NFT?

If somehow you’ve missed the NFT craze, we’ve already covered how the technology is the innovative future of digital ownership—it could be a gamechanger for all forms of the creative industry, from fashion all the way to struggling writers. But if you don’t fancy going down the rabbit hole, let me briefly explain NFTs for you.

A non-fungible token, NFT for short, is a unique digital token encrypted with an artist’s signature, which acts as a verification of ownership and authenticity and is permanently attached to the piece. It allows for original versions of content, anything from memes to tweets can be sold as cryptocurrency—similar to how traditional pieces of art can be auctioned off for insane prices, often by absurdly rich out-of-touch art critics.

But thanks to NFTs, the once out of reach art marketplace is now accessible to anyone with a computer and internet connection—meaning you can be in with a chance of digitally owning Delevingne’s vagina monologue. That being said, these NFTs are selling at high prices, so don’t go thinking you’ll be able to buy a digital Mona Lisa with some spare pennies you have lying around any time soon.

Why Cara Delevingne’s vagina NFT matters

Despite the eye catching and thought-provoking nature of her art, there’s also a number of reasons that sets it apart from the crowded NFT market. First, in light of how damaging cryptocurrency can be to the environment—a reason for why Elon Musk pulled Bitcoin from Tesla, causing market prices to plummet—Delevingne’s NFT will be the first in the world to be minted on Bitcoin rather than Ethereum, using no new energies to create it. Delevingne’s edition is the first in a series that will repeatedly feature NFT artworks from Fatboy Slim, Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, and the electric duo Orbital.

The money raised will go towards a good cause too. Delevingne’s work will be in collaboration with Chemical X to benefit her foundation, The Cara Delevingne Foundation, an organisation that supports women’s empowerment, environmental causes, LGBTQIA+ rights and tackling institutional racism while also offering COVID-19 relief. The official Chemical X website notes that “Cara’s support for women and girls and the LGBTQ community is one of the driving forces behind her foundation and her decision to make this artwork with Chemical X.”

Lastly, Delevingne’s art is a statement on body ownership and image, setting an example for young women who are struggling with these issues themselves. The artwork couldn’t come at a better time, as women’s rights and the #MeToo movement are at the forefront of our public discourse, highlighting the deep gender inequality in our society. In an interview with the Evening Standard, Delevingne noted, “I want this to remind people of how incredibly powerful they are, what a beautiful thing their bodies are and to take pride in that.”