A compilation of the funniest Mike Pence fly memes, because we can


Updated Oct 9, 2020 at 02:00 PM

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You must have seen at least a few of the memes that have been flooding the internet since the vice-presidential debate that happened Wednesday 7 October. If somehow you didn’t hear about it, a fly was caught on camera parking itself onto Pence’s perfectly white and coiffed hair for a full two minutes and three seconds. That’s where all the fly memes came from. And we had so much fun going through them that we decided to compile some of the best memes, for your own pleasure. Enjoy!

The fly’s agent

We’ve always been big fans of Jordan Firstman and his Instagram account @jtfirstman where he parodies the most random things, but this has to be his best video ever.

Joe Biden’s own meme

Of course, as soon as the debate was over, Joe Biden saw the new trending fly as an opportunity to take advantage of the situation. He did pretty good.

The fly started tweeting


It had to be done. We’re only a few days after the debate, and Twitter already has more than one Mike Pence fly account.

The conspiracy theorist


Forget about Mark Zuckerberg being a lizard person—what if Pence is the true alien?

Look mum, I’m on TV!


That fly became famous in 2 minutes. Move out of the way, Kim Kardashian.

And we’ve got more

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Happy Thursday to this fly

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