Diva down: A list of George Santos’ cuntiest moments in Congress 

By Charlie Sawyer

Updated Jan 5, 2024 at 03:24 PM

Reading time: 2 minutes

Every now and again, it’s nice to take some time away from the drama of Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump and focus on a more, shall we say, entertaining politician. From the minute I clamped my eyes on former Congressman George Santos, I knew he’d be a babe. While I might not agree with the now disgraced representative, you’ve gotta give the guy credit, he sure knows how to own a room.

A man who can single-handedly take over gay Twitter is a man who deserves all of our attention. On Friday 1 December 2023, Santos was officially expelled from Congress after he was implicated in 23 fraud-related charges. Honestly, it’s kind of a slay when you think about it. Santos is the only Republican ever expelled from the House, and the only representative expelled without first being convicted of a federal crime.

Pretty soon after his expulsion, the hashtag #Divadown began trending on X, with a lot of people reminiscing on Santos’ funniest moments in office.

There’s a lot to unpack here so let’s go through this diva’s moments one by one.

George Santos being a straight-up liar

We love a mysterious king, and if Santos did anything during his time in office, it was to keep us guessing. Some of my favourite lies and deceptions the politician has pulled include that period where he tried to completely deny the fact that he was using campaign money on personal travel, Botox and OnlyFans content.

According to The Intelligencer, a number of Santos’ expenses related to spa services and/or cosmetic procedures could not be verified as having a campaign nexus. For example, during the 2020 election campaign, a $1,500 purchase was made at Mirza Aesthetics. This payment was noted as “Botox” in expense spreadsheets. Similarly, a $1,400 charge at Virtual Skin Spa was a campaign debit card purchase that was also described as “Botox” in the spreadsheets.

I’m all for prioritising personal self-care, but maybe hide these little spa trips a bit better, babes.

Santos has also previously been accused of identity theft… Yep. This particular white lie is associated with those 23 fraud-related charges I mentioned earlier. According to The Guardian, in the credit card scheme that Santos was involved in, the politician is alleged to have devised a way to steal the identities and financial information of his campaign donors, which were used to charge their credit cards and caused money to be deposited into his campaign, other campaigns, and his own bank account.

And while I’m never a fan of platforming Piers Morgan, he did have a point when he held Santos up about his many switching religions:


😳😳🤔 wtf #georgesantos #politics #congress #santos credit Piers Morgan

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There was also that short moment when people were convinced that Santos had once been a drag queen due to a viral image that began circulating online. Santos initially categorically denied this claim, stating that the entire premise was a load of crap.

And then, a few days later, this happened: “No, I was not a drag queen in Brazil, guys. I was young and I had fun at a festival. Sue me for having a life,” Santos told reporters as he walked through New York’s LaGuardia Airport. A party queen, people.

George Santos serving c*nt

One of my favourite things about Santos is his sheer lack of political formality. When Santos was in front of the Capitol steps or in front of reporters, he was authentic through and through. You never really saw a ‘composed’ Santos.


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This was especially true in our bestie’s last moments in Congress:


#georgesantos now the 6th house member & first #republican to be #expelled from #congress . #santos

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People have been so obsessed with Santos’ c*nty behaviour, that Saturday Night Live (SNL) even did a sketch in his honour:

George Santos’ Cameo era

Oh, and then we were gifted with something even better: George Santos’ Cameo era. For anyone who isn’t aware, Cameo is a video-sharing website which connects fans with their favourite celebrities. For a certain amount of money, people can receive personalised videos from their faves. And a certain c*nty politician has joined in on the fun.


This was not on our 2023 bingo card #georgesantos #cameo

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“There is no such thing as diva down” #georgesantos #fyp #cameo #santos #divadown

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Even though we’ll miss you on the big screen diva, we’re thrilled to see that you’re never too far out of reach.

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