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What an astrologer thinks about Bumble’s zodiac sign filters

By Tahmina Begum

Updated May 17, 2020 at 08:55 AM

Reading time: 2 minutes

“So what’s your star sign?” was a question I overheard at a pub recently. Yet it wasn’t one I rolled my eyes at, if anything I was just eavesdropping in case he said the words Gemini. So when Bumble announced that you are now able to filter your matches via your favourite star signs, I had to question how interlinked astrology, identity and dating had become.

Being a bruja (and putting it into your bio), cleansing your space with some sage, having crystals in your bag and believing in the stars all used to be seen as ‘new age’. It was for those on the fringe of society, who I envision always wearing tie-dye print, ra-ra skirts and speaking about ‘energy’.

But today, astrology meme accounts and horoscope pages have become normalised. Oh she’s such a Virgo rings a certain kind of bell. It’s similar to when a date is described as either a “fox” or a “mouse”. You know exactly what that means.

Though not a huge fan of dating apps, I’ve grown up in a generation where the key way to meet people is online and with the rise in popularity of finding out what your sun, moon and rising sign means, it’s no wonder dating apps are giving the option to vet future dates via the signs you’re supposed to align best with. We live in an era of ‘the identity’, so what’s better than finding out what fate has in store for you? With ‘ghosting, ‘orbiting’ and the illusion of limitless options when dating online being a blessing and curse, surely choosing who you’re supposed to be drawn to can cut to what you’re supposed to be looking for?

While understanding how to search for who you’re supposed to be romantically compatible with can be fun, astrologer Alicia J. Lochard actually finds dating apps that allow daters to filter via zodiac signs rather “useless” as “relationship astrology is incredibly complex and just filtering potential matches based on the sun sign alone is really useless in my opinion”.

On the one hand, though general astrological websites can tell you which sign you’re supposed to be more compatible with, they are not built for nuisance, nor are the infrastructures behind dating apps and websites. “Some apps I know take into consideration the entire birth chart, but from what I have seen even those tend to lack a solid analysis to help folks who aren’t as familiar with astrology,” explains Lochard. It’s like saying you don’t eat meat on Hinge, there are so many different diets so that could also mean anything.

By filtering via one’s zodiac sign, the experience can also be rather limiting as there’s no such thing as a bad star sign, it’s just the stereotypes behind each sign. This also gives into false hope as you pick who you think will be best suited for you instead of experimenting within your dating life. Illustrator Holly Gorne, who has also been reading tarot for ten years and in the past dabbled in dating apps also thinks we should be looking into our dating cycles more than looking for a certain partner. “I love astrology but don’t take it very seriously, especially when dating. I have, however, noticed a pattern in signs I’m really compatible with. I guess it comes down to whether or not I’m trying to repeat those patterns.”

Astrologer Lochard agrees, explaining that “When it comes to dating, I think astrology is best used to help someone learn more about their own romantic needs and patterns rather than a potential partner,”. She also adds that after partners get to know each other and their mutual attraction and interests, it may then make sense for them to sit down with an astrologer who can help them figure out how they can have the most harmonious relationship possible.

Whether you’re a Scorpio lover, attracted to an Aquarius or enjoy a Capricorn’s energy, what it really ultimately comes down to is the communication, commitment and honesty between whatever relationship (or situationship) you’re in. What you read about which signs you should go with may ring true to you, but in opposition to Bumble’s latest stance, it may not be what’s destined for you.

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