Twitter is dying. Here are 15 best tweets of all time to help you mourn the loss

By Malavika Pradeep

Published Nov 11, 2022 at 09:00 AM

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16 years ago, then-New York University undergraduate student Jack Dorsey discussed the idea for an online communication service with some of his coworkers at podcasting company, Odeo. On 21 March 2006, Dorsey changed internet history forever with five words: “just setting up my twttr.” It was the first among billions of popular tweets that have since graced the platform.

Fast forward to 2022, Twitter is now nothing more than a kindergarten playground for the richest man on Earth. With every dawn comes a new, controversial feature—which is later scrapped, postponed or even lied about.

Ever since “Chief Twit” Elon Musk’s acquisition of the platform, it’s safe to say that Twitter is on its last virtual legs, as celebrities and users alike increasingly flee the app stating a surge in hate and bigotry in the name of “free speech.”

With alternatives like Tumblr, Clubhouse, and Mastodon stepping into the spotlight, it’s about time we built a Twitter hall of fame acknowledging all the iconic moments that helped shape the internet as we know it today. From alpha males to Gaga keyboard smash, here are 15 of the best tweets of all time that will help you mourn the dumpster fire of a platform everyone is ditching in 2022.

Spoiler alert for Tesla fanbois: your GOAT god is obviously sitting this list out.

15. Cat churning butter

14. Four eels

Some tweets simply can’t be explained.

13. Ryan Reynolds

In honour of Ryan Reynolds, the King of Twitter who has now officially migrated to Tumblr.

12. One decade of 1D

11. The tweet that was way ahead of its time

10. Macaulay Culkin

Wanna feel older? This tweet is from 2020.

9. Ryan Reynolds (again)

8. BTS Jungkook

FYI: I’ve watched this video a sum total of 218 times myself.

7. Lady Gaga keyboard smash

No one can ever articulate their feelings more eloquently than Lady Gaga.

6. Louis Tomlinson

This hasn’t aged well at all

5. The best prank in history

4. Alpha males

Wait till the incels get their hands on this one.

Twitter is dying. Here are 15 best tweets of all time to help you mourn the loss

3. Christmas, but from an anthropological POV

2. Mariah Carey’s #bottletopchallenge

Legend says this is how Mariah Carey defrosts before Christmas every year.

1. The CIA joins Twitter

2014 bird app at its best.

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