5 makeup products with aesthetically pleasing packaging that are worth the hype

By Deanna Pearce

Published Jan 28, 2023 at 09:00 AM

Reading time: 4 minutes

We’ve all had that one miracle beauty product that does exactly what it says on the tin but ended up in the bin for a completely different (and heartbreaking) reason—its packaging wasn’t practical or aesthetically pleasing, or worse, both. And we all know by now that when it comes to us gen Zers, we value looks just as much as ‘personality’.

While older generations might deem this attitude as a sign of privilege, I like to think of it as proof that we know what we deserve. When faced with such a high amount of options, especially when it comes down to cosmetics, why should we settle for anything other than the best? Gen Zers want the best of both worlds, if you will.

And I’m here to give you just that with these 5 makeup products and accessories that are cute enough to eat. Whether you’re more into minimalism or usually go for full-on snazzy designs, no other industry does pretty packaging like the beauty industry. So get ready to have your mind blown, and thank me later.

1. Tower 28’s Extra Cheeky Trio

Though the Los Angeles-based brand, which is named after a lifeguard tower in Santa Monica, is relatively new to the beauty industry, it hasn’t stopped it from already proving its worth. Its range of products is made from the cleanest ingredients, with no chemicals or fragrances.

Introducing the holy trinity for your cheeks: Tower 28’s ‘Extra Cheeky Trio’. This particular set features a blush, bronzer and highlighter in a range of shades. The creamy formula means the powder blends seamlessly into your skin.

Tower 28 went down the simplistic route with its cosmetic design packaging (which has become a growing trend in recent years within the beauty industry). Each product of the trio comes in a clear square-shaped case and features the name of the brand on top in a variation of pink hues.


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Tower 2 ‘Extra Cheeky Trio’, $50, available at Tower 28.

2. Spectrum’s ‘Mean Girls’ Brush Set and Burn Book

Spectrum is well known for being the makeup brushes connoisseur and never fails to disappoint with its stunning collections. Mean Girls, on the other hand, is probably the most iconic film of the 2000s. Take both of those things and you get a match made in heaven that includes a Burn Book bag in which you can store an eight-piece brush set.

The set’s brushes feature hot pink handles and bristles along with a different Mean Girls quote on each of them. If pink isn’t your colour, Spectrum also made a Janis Ian-inspired set that comes in dark purple. Loves it!


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Spectrum ‘Mean Girls Brush Set and Burn Book’, £84.99, available at Sephora.

3. SIMIHAZE BEAUTY’s Sun Flush All-Over Face Tint

Founded in 2021 by Palestinian twin sisters Simi and Haze Khadra—who were crowned the new “beauty it girls” by Elle in August 2022—SIMIHAZE BEAUTY has already conquered the hearts of numerous makeup enthusiasts.

Though some might say that the brand’s success is mostly due to the DJ duo’s countless friendships with the super famous (from the Kardashians and Hailey Bieber to The Weeknd), I blame the incredibly cute packaging its products come in.

If you are anything like me, the cold weather we’re currently witnessing is leaving your face looking washed out, making you look even more tired than you already are. Of course, the easy solution to that sick-looking complexion would be to wear your favourite foundation and call it a day.

However, foundation tends to be heavy on the skin and can end up drying it even more. That’s where SIMIHAZE BEAUTY’s ‘Sun Flush All-Over Face Tint’ comes in to save the day. Easy to apply, super lightweight, and available in a range of shades, this is the perfect product to bring back some colour to your face.

Not only is the product actually amazing, its packaging is just as good. The sisters once explained that they created the brand “as a journey through dualities”—am and pm, form and function, minimal and maximal. They wanted products that enhance, not cover, and textures as unique as you are.

Their products are intuitively and artfully designed, housed in custom, raw resin-like, sculptural packaging, inspired by the twins’ love of fine art, to provide consumers with a multi-sensory experience from the exterior through innovative and skin-loving formulations.


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As if that wasn’t enough, the brand also sells a ‘Glow Case’ keychain where customers can put their favourite SIMIHAZE BEAUTY product in and attach to their bag for the day. One word: obsessed.


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SIMIHAZE BEAUTY ‘Sun Flush All-Over Face Tint’, $35, available at SIMIHAZE BEAUTY. ‘Glow Case keychain’, $15, available at SIMIHAZE BEAUTY.

4. r.e.m. beauty’s Essential Drip Lip Oil

Ever since singer Ariana Grande launched her r.e.m beauty line back in 2021, it has grown increasingly popular among makeup pros and Ari stans alike—but is the hype to be believed? Though I definitely have a few r.e.m. products that I simply couldn’t live without, I think that the brand’s packaging definitely plays a part in its success.

Bold and subtle, r.e.m. packagings keep to a strong motif of metallic silver and opaque whites throughout the whole range.

One of the brand’s most popular products is the ‘Essential Drip Lip Oil’—not only does it give your lips a beautiful glossy shine, it also nourishes, softens and prevents them from becoming dehydrated and cracking.

The oil comes in a clear sleek rounded bottle with a silver top lid that clearly embraces a soft, chrome future aesthetic. The product also features a special applicator with a small bead in the middle which helps the product glide flawlessly onto your lips, but also makes it feel like your lips are getting a massage. Who wouldn’t love that?


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R.e.m. beauty’s ‘Essential Drip Lip Oil’, £15, available at r.e.m. beauty.

5. Glossier’s Cloud Paint

It was only two years ago that Glossier was considered to be a brand on the verge of collapse. However, with a floor-to-ceiling packaging rejuvenation, the cruelty-free beauty supplier has reinstated itself as a certified makeup mogul.

Its packaging is simplistic and no fuss, and as the first cosmetic brand to jump on the minimalist bandwagon, it doesn’t need the glitz and glam to grab our attention. It has already stood the test of time.

Although it’s incredibly hard to pick only one Glossier product to highlight as the brand’s item with the most aesthetically-pleasing packaging, I just had to go for the ‘Cloud Paint’. I hope I’m not blowing your mind right now in a ‘I was today years old when I found out…’ way but the buildable gel-cream blush’s packaging references the design of actual paint tubes and Pantone swatches.

This in turn makes the different coloured tubes look really nice lined up together, influencing customers to want to have more than just one.


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Glossier’s ‘Cloud Paint’, £17, available at Glossier.

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