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Tinder reveals TV co-watching as the newest dating trend


Published Nov 6, 2020 at 10:38 AM

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We love a bit of swiping action on Tinder, especially when we’re stuck at home and bored out of our minds. With more time spent at home over the past few months, online daters have understandably been searching for innovative, socially-distanced ways to host first virtual dates. Out of this emerged the ultimate lockdown dating trend: TV co-watching or ‘TV show-mancing’ as some call it, which is, you guessed it, a date consisting of the virtual co-watching of a TV show.

Research released by Tinder has confirmed the rise of this trend, as one in five 18 to 25-year-olds virtually watched shows together for a first date during the last lockdown. With Netflix consistently trending on the dating app as one of the popular ‘passions’ of UK users, we can only imagine why TV show-mancing is such a hit this year.

Obviously, TV co-watching is one of the best COVID-friendly date ideas, and apparently, it’s a successful one too! According to the research, 17 per cent of those who virtually watched TV together bagged a second date.

If you’re the type of person that likes spoiling a show, then perhaps steer clear of TV co-watching as 25 per cent of those asked would avoid ever discussing shows with you again in the future. 1 in 10 even admitted that they wouldn’t hesitate to ditch you altogether, so take notes, and keep quiet.

Tinder’s study also revealed the most datable TV characters based on the personality traits that gen Zers are looking for in a potential match. The top 10 TV characters were as follows:

1. Connell from 'Normal People': emotional, intelligent and sensitive

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2. Fleabag from 'Fleabag': sarcastic, quick witted and quirky

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3. Maeve from 'Sex Education': sarcastic, witty and occasionally irrational

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4. Harvey Specter from 'Suits': intelligent, successful and well-groomed

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5. Nathan from 'Misfits': extroverted, quirky and a joker

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6. Phoebe from 'Friends': musical, quirky and funny

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7. Emily from 'Emily in Paris': sweet, flirty and naive

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8. Monica from 'Friends': tidy, practical and a good cook

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9. Daenerys from 'Game of Thrones': feisty, fiery and empowering

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10. Rue from 'Euphoria': free spirited, adventurous and impulsive

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At the other end of the scale, while Rachel from Friends might have been winning in the wardrobe department, she was the least popular TV character and voted as someone users would swipe left on—ouch.

49 per cent of those surveyed said that TV and movie preferences are so important that they are not willing to compromise with a potential partner on these, so make sure you take note of your new match’s favourite shows in order to ensure TV show-mancing success.

Along with having TV and movies in common, 74 per cent said that they wouldn’t settle for someone who had different political beliefs to them, or an unequal passion for the environment and sustainability. Now we’re talking about real deal-breakers!