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The 8 best Halloween costumes of 2020

By Alma Fabiani

Oct 31, 2020


It’s spooky season, and while we may not get the chance to go trick or treating (or to go out half-naked and get absolutely slaughtered) tonight, it doesn’t mean that we should give up on wearing costumes. If, like us, you’re still planning on dressing up for Halloween, then you’ll need some serious inspiration. To help you find the perfect costume, we’ve listed the 8 best 2020-inspired Halloween costumes. Enjoy (responsibly)!

1. Hand sanitizer

The 8 best Halloween costumes of 2020

It’s 2020’s essential item, so why not twist it in a sexy way and wear it over… well, not much? If you pick this outfit over the typical latex maid costume, then you definitely deserve some extra points for originality (and bravery).

2. Tiger King

The 8 best Halloween costumes of 2020

Although binge-watching Netflix’s Tiger King documentary feels like it was years ago, chances are most of us saw it at the very beginning of lockdown. Why not reminisce good old times by picking this oh-so-classy costume? Roar.

3. Toilet paper

Yep, we’ve said it, we really went that far. What’s more 2020 than toilet paper? Not much.

4. Paul Mescal

Correction, this is what the world needs for Halloween 2020. Forget about your smelly Batman costume from last year and dress up as Paul Mescal instead. On top of wearing those sexy tiny white shorts, add the famous chain, you won’t regret it.

5. That Robert Pattinson meme

Is your budget restricted? We’ve got you covered too! Have you seen that viral picture of Robert Pattinson standing in a kitchen in a big Adidas tracksuit? Big 2020 mood, right? Just borrow your brother’s old tracksuit and stand in the kitchen all night, easy.

6. Emily in Paris

Are you American? Do you love making ridiculous and offensive generalisations about French culture? Then, this costume is the one for you. Just buy a beret, make sure to mix it with colours that absolutely do not fit, add a cheap bag adorned with an Eiffel Tower keychain and you’re good to go!

7. Sexy banana bread

The 8 best Halloween costumes of 2020

Can banana bread be sexy? Apparently, yes it can. Although we’re not sure many people will actually recognise what you’re dressed up as, answering them ‘sexy banana bread’ will probably be your best sentence of 2020. What a snack!

8. Zoom call

Why not dress as the thing you wasted half of your year on: Zoom calls? It sounds weird said like that, but this costume could potentially be the most creative one we’ve seen yet. Perhaps you could even add a mute button in case of boring conversation emergencies.

2020 has sparked a lot of terrifying things. You might have more 2020-inspired costume ideas of your own, and if so, feel free to express your anxiety-induced creativity through a little DIY session. If not, we hope the costumes mentioned above fulfilled all your spooky dreams and desires!