5 supermoon rituals to help you prepare for May’s Flower Full Moon

By Monica Athnasious

Updated May 26, 2021 at 09:20 AM

Reading time: 2 minutes

May’s full moon, also famously known as the Flower Moon, is set to be the biggest supermoon of the year and the first total lunar eclipse since January 2019. This full moon in Sagittarius will bloom on Wednesday 26 May. Now, if you’re into astrology, don’t panic. If you’re attuned to the world of astrology, you may know of the fear that surrounds eclipses. If you don’t, then let me explain. Eclipses are seen as ‘wild cards,’ they can completely uproot your life. They spur on new beginnings whether you’re ready or not. They are intense. Trust me, that last Scorpio Supermoon in April did me dirty. It was rough.

Having said that, eclipses do tend to get a bad rap. They aren’t necessarily bad changes. Lunar eclipses are best known for revealing truths, forcing them into the light. Although they can be intense, they can really purge any energy that doesn’t serve you, leaving you room for exciting new changes. This supermoon is in Sagittarius and is all about freeing yourself from what is holding you back and moving forward to your authentic self. As someone who loves astrology, I’ve collected 5 tips about how you can best channel the energy of this Sagittarius Flower Supermoon for those changes.

1. Do not manifest

Yes. You read that right. I mean you can if you want to, I personally wouldn’t. A lot of us, old or new to astrology, are obsessed with harnessing the power of the moon for our manifestations. A full moon can be a great time to manifest the things you want to attract for yourself; however, let me tell you why you shouldn’t be doing this with the lunar eclipse. As I mentioned earlier, an eclipse can truly be a chaotic time. It’s better to wait until after it’s over for you to set and work on your intentions. Instead, use this time to cleanse, centre yourself and release.

2. Journal

Since we aren’t manifesting this is a good time for you to meditate on your life. Have a quiet evening. Look inwards and try to understand the emotions you are feeling. You can do this any way that suits you. When you find those answers or even if you don’t, pick up a pen and just let it flow out. Do not think or try too hard. It doesn’t have to make any sense. Just unload everything onto that paper. It can be really cathartic. Once you’re done, you’re ready for the next step.

3. Release ritual

If you are feeling trapped right now—this past year hasn’t been the kindest—then this is a great time for you to release some of that weight. I feel trapped. Not just physically, through the various lockdowns, but mentally too. If you share this, then this ritual is for you. Write a letter. Simple enough. In that letter, address the universe and open up about the things that are troubling you. The things you fear. Be completely vulnerable with yourself.

Ask yourself why you have this fear and set your intentions into overcoming it and moving on. For example, “I release the belief that I’m unworthy of love.” Once you’re done with the letter, burn it safely under the lunar eclipse. Then simply scatter the ashes, blow them away. It is incredibly therapeutic. I always feel so much lighter after watching my troubles fly away.

4. Set a daily affirmation

Wait, isn’t this the same as manifesting? No, it’s not. Manifestations are about speaking what you want for yourself into your life, whereas affirmations are focused on making and keeping yourself empowered. They’re about giving you confidence and ultimately feeling good about yourself. This Sagittarius Super Flower Moon is all about releasing and welcoming that authentic you, so this is the perfect time to set a daily affirmation. “I am confident.”

5. Chillout

I mean this isn’t just a tip for the supermoon but in life in general. Take this moment to really relax and I mean really. Realise that rest is not a reward, it’s a right. Give yourself the time to just be. Let go of your stresses and worries (easier said than done, I know) and allow yourself a moment to just relax. Incorporate that more into your life. Without proper rest, the above being achieved is impossible.

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