Generation Z careers: Exploring trends, preferences and strategies

By Charlie Sawyer

Published Aug 15, 2023 at 01:05 PM

Reading time: 5 minutes


Gen Z are an incredibly ambitious cohort of individuals. We’re career-driven, motivated, and more importantly, we’re in high demand. Gen Z have a number of desirable skills to offer an employer, and we’re dead-set on reaching our career goals, one oat milk latte at a time.

While you might not fully understand why there needs to be a gen Z-specific careers guide, let me explain. Gen Zers have the ability to bring a wealth of fresh perspectives and aspirations to a modern-day workforce. We’re the digital kids of the 21st century, we grew up on the internet and therefore many gen Zers have extremely specific and in-depth knowledge of online systems—skills that are incredibly valuable.

Gen Z have also massively contributed to a shift in work culture. A number of us began our careers during the COVID-19 pandemic and so have fully implemented and partially influenced the hybrid working model. From specific gen Z jobs to the factors which influence gen Zers to pursue particular roles, let’s explore gen Z careers and the reasons why it’s so vital that employers, as well as society as a whole, properly understand and appreciate the motivations and potential of this incredibly varied and pioneering generation.

What are generation Z careers?

Generation Z careers encompass the employment opportunities and professional paths that cater to the needs and aspirations of gen Z. Unlike our predecessors, those pesky millennials, gen Z seek a lot more than just financial stability from our careers. We’re an activism-driven generation, which means that many of us value and seek out work that aligns with our morals and concepts regarding personal growth—as well as providing a sense of purpose.

Us gen Zers are known for our digital fluency and adaptability, something that makes a number of us very well-suited for roles that involve technology, innovation, and creativity. Gen Z also place a high priority on adequate financial pay and compensation for their work. Due to the ongoing cost of living crisis, a number of young people are struggling to finance their lives and stay on top of bills. Finding well-paid and fulfilling careers is an essential next step for all gen Zers.

The rise of Zoomer careers

What are Zoomer careers?

Zoomer careers is an all-encompassing phrase that refers to professions which have arisen due to the technological advancements of the last 20 or so years. Digital concepts such as artificial intelligence, more commonly known as AI, data science, and other technological breakthroughs have greatly opened up the job sectors and, for the most part, it’s been gen Zers who have paved the way forward.

Popular Zoomer careers

Some of the most popular Zoomer careers include roles within social media, whether that be content creation or social media management. Other examples of such careers also might include digital marketing, software development, or data analysis. Sustainability is also now a massive priority for modern-day companies and therefore hiring a sustainability expert or manager would also fall under the Zoomer career bracket. All of these professions aim to make good use of gen Zers’ tech talent.

Exploring the appeal of Zoomer delivery jobs

One often overlooked but increasingly viable gen Z career is a Zoomer delivery job. Delivery services are an increasingly growing industry, e-commerce delivery roles allow for greater financial independence and flexibility for the employee. With suitable working hours so important to gen Z, it makes sense that a lot of young people would favour a Zoomer delivery job.

Zoomer delivery jobs might include food delivery services, driving services, package delivery services, or food shopping delivery driver. All of these jobs are rooted in digital connectivity, something gen Zers flourish at.

Best jobs for generation Z

What careers are gen Z most interested in?

So, what jobs do gen Z want? As previously mentioned, gen Z are attracted to roles that allow them to foster personal growth, explore their aspirations, and match their morals and values. That being said, there are a number of different industries gen Z are interested in. These include creative roles, social justice, technology, social media branding, and marketing. A number of gen Zers are also incredibly attracted to entrepreneurship. Overall, the best jobs for gen Z are those which are based in companies that prioritise diversity, equality, and inclusion.

In-demand gen Z jobs

Some of the most in-demand gen Z jobs are those within the digital sector. Having been born during the internet boom, most gen Zers are incredibly competent and collecting and cross-referencing a wealth of online information, and then applying that knowledge towards a number of different problem-solving scenarios.

According to a report by Business News Daily, some of the top ten companies gen Z workers have sought jobs at included IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Oracle. Slightly older industries such as accounting and more traditional media conglomerates are definitely less desirable to gen Zers. Digital media, on the other hand, is incredibly popular among people looking for generation Z jobs.

Factors influencing gen Z’s career choices

Workplace environment and company culture

Company culture and workplace environment are both incredibly important to gen Zers. They prioritise a diverse and inclusive workplace, as well as a healthy approach to a work-life balance. Gen Z enjoy team collaboration and transparency among senior management, as well as a widespread level of respect among employees.

Strong internal promotion opportunities are also crucial to gen Z. According to a survey from Handshake, 71 per cent of respondents revealed that they expect to be promoted between six months to one and a half years, while 64 per cent attend career events to ensure there are growth and development opportunities.

Work-life balance and remote work options

Unlike previous generations, who’ve been chained to a very strict and rigid work model, gen Z are far more interested in developing new work schedules that better suit their lives. As a cohort, we realise that productivity is not directly linked to the classic 9 to 5 workday, five days a week. Therefore, a number of gen Zers prefer to have a much more flexible approach. Moreover, prioritising mental health is incredibly prevalent among gen Zers so avoiding work burnout and making sure to have a well-rounded work-life balance is so important.

Remote work options also feed into this change in work style. Gen Zers are incredibly pro hybrid work options as well as remote working. We’re a globally connective group, which is why being able to travel and live abroad while still logging in and connecting with our team back home is a vital aspect of any gen Z career. We’re globetrotters, what can we say?

It should also be noted that many gen Zers are also incredibly environmentally conscious and appreciate the fact that being able to work remotely or from home doesn’t further contribute to climate change.

Navigating the generation Z job market

Gen Z-friendly job search strategies

Some of the most gen Z-friendly search strategies include platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social networking opportunities. It’s important for employers to engage with gen Zers through methods that are generationally native. Creating a compelling, exciting, and entertaining, online presence is also essential if a company is trying to grab the attention of gen Zers.

Showcasing company values is also an effective strategy to attract gen Zers who’re searching for a workplace that matches their own ethics and social perspectives.

Gen Z’s entrepreneurial spirit and gig economy

It’s imperative that companies consider gen Z’s entrepreneurial spirit and approach to the gig economy as they move forward, particularly because both of these concepts will massively shape the future of the workforce. Gen Z are an incredibly innovative and radical cohort who, having grown up in a digital era, have masses of plans to disrupt the current working landscape.

By starting their own businesses and contributing massively to the increase in freelancing, gen Zers are directly impacting the gig economy and helping to cultivate a more diversified workforce.

Generation Z careers are constantly expanding and growing, partially due to how adaptive and varied gen Z are as a cohort of employees. We’re always searching for new avenues to develop skills and become better equipped to face the world. Activism, social justice, and a healthy work-life balance will always be a big part of gen Zers’ employment strategy. Companies need to make sure they actively engage with gen Zers on these pillars in order to maximise the potential of this extremely ambitious and entrepreneurial group.

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