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An 8-year-old boy has been dubbed the ‘world’s youngest serial killer’

A young boy from India named Amarjeet Sada had allegedly murdered three people all before he turned eight years old.

In 2007, police in Bihar, India, began an investigation into a young boy—the aforementioned Sada—after it was claimed that he had killed three babies, one of whom was his eight-month-old sister and another his nine-month-old cousin, as reported by the The Guardian.

These incidents were first brought to light when the mother of Sada’s third victim, a six-month-old child, reported her daughter as missing. Tragically, the child’s body was found buried nearby after police searched the area.

It wasn’t until later that Sada, who had been diagnosed with ‘psychiatric disorders’, told locals that he had strangled the child and even showed them where he had left the body. Indian news outlet NDTV reported on the story at the time and highlighted Sada’s words to the police after being put in custody. “She was sleeping in the school. I took her a little away, and killed her with a stone and buried her,” he said.

In June 2007, Sada appeared in court for the murder of the six-month-old. However, given how he was still under the age of 18, he was instead placed into a children’s home in the nearby village of Munger.

As per Indian law, a child cannot be given the death sentence or sent to prison, but can be detained in a children’s home until the age of 18. At the time, locals said Sada was also responsible for murdering his sister and cousin, but this was apparently kept quiet.

In 2021, the Daily Star reported that Sada—who would now be 23 years old—was “awaiting execution.” However, it is currently unknown if the youngest serial killer in the world has had his sentence carried out.