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Turkish fairground ride carrying children crashes in horrifying viral video

By Alma Fabiani

Jun 15, 2022


A shocking video filmed at an amusement park in the south-western Turkish province of Antalya has been making the rounds online for showing the exact moment a funfair ride broke and came crashing to the ground with multiple riders on board.

As seen in the footage, a number of passengers had been strapped in to enjoy the swinging pendulum-style ride when it malfunctioned at the Ataturk Park, in the district of Muratpasa, over the weekend.

In the clip, riders—including young children—can be seen flying back and forth before a huge crash is heard and chaos breaks out, with members of the public running over to where the seating section of the ride fell to the ground.

It seems the circular unit filled with seats broke off its arm and landed upside-down, leaving the passengers trapped behind the restraints. Children can be heard shouting in panic as people try to free them from the holds.

In an incredibly lucky turn of events, UNILAD reported that none of the passengers were fatally injured in the incident. “Firefighters arrived on the scene to help free the children from the seats, with images showing them left hanging with their feet in the air,” the publication wrote.

After being freed, all the riders were checked over by first aiders. Other images from the park show one individual being carried away on a stretcher by paramedics, with what appears to be a neck brace wrapped around his throat.

Three children, identified as 11-year-olds Mete Atik, Yakip Bilal Salarvan and Bugra Yagiz Koyun, were found to have been injured as the seats detached from the metal arm of the ride. All three were taken to hospital for treatment.

Speaking to local media following the incident, Koyun explained he believed a “cable or something broke” while the riders were swinging on the ride. “The ride flew through the air and landed upside down. I hit my head and I also have bruising on my foot,” he continued.

Ataturk Park is listed in Tripadvisor’s top 30 attractions in Antalya, with a description dubbing it a “wonderful park, huge, clean [and] perfect for a relaxing walk with marvellous views over the Mediterranean.” Obviously, in this case, visitors did not get the same experience…

Authorities in the area have launched an investigation to determine exactly how the ride malfunctioned.