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Snack is the ‘Tinder meets TikTok’ dating app now open to gen Z investors

By Alma Fabiani

May 21, 2021


Snack, a video-first mobile dating app designed with a younger generation in mind, is opening itself up to gen Z investors. On Monday 10 May, the startup announced the launch of its own gen Z Syndicate on AngelList, which will allow gen Z community members, influencers, creators and others to participate in the company’s upcoming $2 million simple agreement for future equity (SAFE), alongside other funds and angel investors.

In February 2021, the company announced $3.5 million in seed funding for its TikTok-style dating app, where users post videos to a feed that others then like in order to be matched. Snack believes videos allow users to better showcase their interests and lifestyle, as well as show off their personalities in ways static photos simply cannot. When two people like each other’s videos, they’re invited to direct message one another.

Snack is the ‘Tinder meets TikTok’ dating app now open to gen Z investors

Dubbed the ‘Tinder meets TikTok’ dating app by TechCrunch, Snack’s user experience is very much like engaging with a TikTok app that’s solely built for dating. In fact, Snack is one of the first apps that will be adopting TikTok’s new Login software development kit (SDK) for third-party apps, which gives the dating app’s users the ability to reshare their TikTok videos to their dating profiles.

Founded by Kimberly Kaplan, Snack aims to merge the popularity of TikTok’s format with the dating world. Prior to launching her own app, Kaplan worked at the Canadian online dating service Plenty of Fish (PoF), where she was one of the earliest employees. “She led product, marketing and revenue and was on the executive team that eventually sold PoF to Match Group for $575 million in 2015,” writes TechCrunch.

When it comes to gen Z and the way they tend to use popular dating apps such as Bumble or Tinder, Kaplan realised that just after matching with someone, this demographic would move the conversation (and connection) over to apps like Snapchat and Instagram almost every time. On social media platforms, they would then watch each others’ Stories and flirt more casually, rather than carrying on a ‘high-pressure’ DM conversation on the dating apps.

Snack is the ‘Tinder meets TikTok’ dating app now open to gen Z investors

Just as Snack’s now-founder realised the behaviour of this specific demographic, TikTok surged in popularity, showing a shift in the average consumer’s attitude towards creating short-form videos online. And Kaplan jumped at the opportunity.

Just like on TikTok, the dating app is currently working on some additional video editing features to let users get as creative as they wish with their content. Toward the end of February 2021, Snack’s team consisted of 10 people, and Kaplan told TechCrunch that the team is 60 per cent diverse with 40 per cent of employees being visible minorities.

After testing a beta version in February on a few lucky ones, Snack became available in February 2021. Furthermore, the app has also created a Snack Discord community where members can discuss all things about the online dating app. “Join our server to stay updated about changes to Snack, report bugs, seek customer support directly from the Snack team, offer your feedback and ideas, meet new friends, seek dating advice, and more,” reads the company’s website.

So, whether you’re more interested in Charli D’Amelio and Bella Poarch or Paul Black and Lucas Ansel, start working on your video editing skills now in order to bring on your best flirting game on Snack. See you on the flip side, bestie.