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15 jorts you’ll need to channel your inner Adam Sandler this summer

By Jennifer Raymont

Updated Jun 9, 2023 at 09:33 AM

Reading time: 2 minutes

For those of you whose Pinterest feeds haven’t been inundated with non-stop jorts yet, or, unlike us, you’re not regularly seeking Adam Sandler fit pics to fuel your inspiration, jorts are the combination of jeans and shorts, and they’re all the rage heading into this year’s summer.

The style is heavily 90s and early 00s inspired with a sprinkle of cringe skater boy on top. They’re super baggy and somewhat flared, denim shorts that just skim your knees, putting an end to hotpant camel toes. The trend is coming as a well-needed breath of fresh air considering the fact that a few years ago, many of us would have been terrified of anything that wasn’t skinny or mini.

As with any trend, you’ll be able to find plenty of unique finds within the jorts genre on second hand apps and marketplaces. Don’t let the name limit you to only hunting jorts of the denim variety however. And if you don’t want to risk the pre-loved sphere, know that the high-street has more than enough Sandler-approved jorts to go around.

1. Denim jorts

Kicking things off with the shorts that gave jorts their name, denim shorts will always be in fashion one way or another, whether they’re showing off your booty cheeks or skimming your knees.

2. Cargo jorts

Cargos dominated our closets last winter so it’s time to cut any extras you may have hauled into jorts—or what we like to call cargorts in this case. Genius, right? Cargo jorts need to be practical with as many pockets as humanly possible to store all your Y2K accessories.

3. The Adam Sandler jorts

All hail the king of the jort, none other than Sandler himself. The iconic actor’s jorts tend to be of the sporty variety—big, bold colours are always a win.

4. Checkered jorts

Patterns as a whole will jazz up your jorts, but checkered jorts really have our hearts. They’re very much giving airport dad, and we’re so here for it.

5. Patterned jorts

Not only do patterns allow you to play with colour and lines, but also texture. Maybe you could even customise your own jorts?

6. Super baggy jorts

Super baggy jorts are giving major 90s Chad Michael Murray—the OG teen heartthrob—energy. They need to be so baggy that your legs are almost drowning in them. Anything less than that, forget about it

7. Sweatpants jorts

Everyone can relate to wanting to pop the zip on your jeans at the end of the day and the same logic applies to jorts. So a comfier, stretchier alternative to switch to is a must. Just make sure to add some sweatpants jorts to your collection and you’ll be good to go.