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Chanel’s overpriced viral T-shirt has given birth to the TikTok Formula 1 girlies

By Jennifer Raymont

Jun 1, 2023

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For plain white tees we’re used to heading to Primark, or if we’re feeling a little more boujee, Uniqlo. Chanel, on the other hand, has other plans. Coinciding with the Monaco Grand Prix the designer launched a Formula 1 (F1) inspired baby tee. TikTok users are speculating that the wardrobe staple could cost up to $10,000, but has the astronomical price tag brought in some unlikely F1 fans?


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Los Angeles-based influencer Madeleine White indulged in the T-shirt after “one of the top five worst weeks of [her] life.” A week that we’re sure was filled to the brim with press events, premieres and a multitude of gifted designer drip—wish I could relate. While admitting the purchase was “stupid,” White wasted no time oversaturating her followers with styling videos and fit pics with the extortionately priced shirt.


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Understandably, the tee immediately went viral. If you can afford anything Chanel, the subtle sequins and colourful embroidery are too cute not to crave. However, TikTokers were quick to scrutinise the estimated price and question how on earth Chanel thought it could get away with a price tag so obscene?

F1 isn’t the sport that immediately springs to mind when you think of fashion, but this Chanel item has brought the two worlds together anyway. Influencers have become the WAGs of racing and have been seen heading to the sun-soaked paradise of the Grand Prix in Monaco following the likes of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner who have all appeared on the grid walk.

It’s safe to say that F1 is quickly becoming fashion’s favourite sport, but how exactly did we get here? In a sadly male-dominated industry, TikTok has helped bring in a new batch of female fans, and we’re so here for it. From celebrity fashion round-ups to F1 driver thirst traps, the girlies are out in full force for motor racing.

Much like Coachella, the Grand Prix has become a so-called “influencer Olympics.” Unless you’ve been living under a rock, F1 dumps have begun to pop up across all of our socials. Even the hotly contested, are-they-aren’t-they couple, Central Cee and Madeline Argy, took to the tracks to watch the rubber burn.


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Of course, F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton has been dominating the surprising crossover for a while. The acclaimed driver has his own collection with his long time sponsor,  Tommy Hilfiger, and has even taken to the Met Gala steps many a time. Now, with racers Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo becoming fan favourites on TikTok, the boys are hitting the accelerator to conquer the fashion world.

The closest comparison I could think of for the F1 girlies phenomenon is the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Brits flock to South London every summer wearing head to toe white for overpriced Pimm’s and strawberries and cream. Its F1 sibling is a more gen Z alternative where the fashion is younger and slightly more experimental. And apparently, a whole lot more expensive.

While the coming together of sport and style is refreshing, for some it wasn’t all fun and games. Cosmetics brand Tarte Cosmetics recently hauled a clique of influencers, including White and foundation fiend Meredith Duxbury, to the Miami Grand Prix. After obscene displays of wealth and ‘Get Ready With Me’s filled our FYPs, the Tarte trip became the centre of controversy.


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In a since-deleted TikTok, Black beauty influencer Bria Jones accused Tarte of mistreating and excluding her from parts of the event on account of her race. This comes after Jones didn’t share the same itinerary as her fellow influencers and subsequently boycotted the event. An upset Jones stated: “I will be damned as a Black creator if I accept anything other than equal treatment on these trips, I have more integrity than to get all the way to Miami and realise that I’m being ranked.”


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Although the Chanel F1 T-shirt is way out of our budgets, it was the perfect vehicle to help the racing sport crossover into the fashion sphere. While we wait for the dollars to trickle, slowly but surely down into our savings accounts, we have the F1 fashion girlies outfits to drool over and flights to Monaco to fantasise over booking. Who knows, maybe this new trend will begin to pave the way for more girls to get behind the wheel and race for themselves?