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Woman who makes $1,000 to eat food for men on camera says there’s one thing she won’t do

Earlier this year, reality TV star Stephanie Matto made headlines when she was hospitalised after pumping 97 jars worth of farts to cope with the skyrocketing demand for her flatulence. Managing to make around $200,000, Matto paved the way for the internet to discover more creators who were catering to unique requests around the world.

Australia-based TikToker Rosie Zeppelin is one such creator who makes hundreds of dollars just by filming herself eating food for her male fans. “So I get paid to eat food on camera by men. I know, dream job, right?” Zeppelin is heard saying in a TikTok video, which currently stands at 1.7 million views.

According to the creator, one of the most common requests she gets is for her lipstick to smear all over the food and her face while she’s eating. Some of her fans also love it when she defies table manners and eats messily so that the food falls out of her mouth—a fetish called sploshing, to be exact. “The second most popular thing would be talking videos and pretending that we’re in the same room together,” Zeppelin continued.

This subgenre essentially incorporates roleplay, where the creator pretends she’s seated at a table for two and talks to the camera as though the viewer is in the room with her.

Now, the more work that goes into making the clip, the higher the price. “A video like this would be around $300. I do film myself eating from the beginning to the end,” Zeppelin explained. “My videos also tend to go up to $1,000 in price if I have to prep a meal, if it’s a big meal [or] if I don’t really like the food—it all differs.”

However, there is one request that’s a bit too meaty for Zeppelin to chew. “I’m vegetarian and I’ve been offered to eat meat on camera for over $2,500,” she mentioned, adding how she had to decline the lucrative offer.

At the same time, however, the creator is not entirely against the idea. “I think it’s going to cost about $7,000 plus for me to actually do that,” she added.


I get paid up to $1000 per video to eat on camera! #fyp #sidehustle #eating

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Shortly after the video went viral on the platform, several users admitted how they regret mindlessly scrolling through TikTok during their lunch breaks. “And I’m out here stuffing myself with food for free?” a user wrote, while another queried, “How did you start this? I found a new calling for myself. I talk to myself while eating all the time anyways 😅”

While a portion of users asked Zeppelin to share tips and tricks on how to nail the side hustle in question, others admitted to merely feeling hungry after watching her TikTok video. “What are you eating? It looks delicious,” a user commented.