Get the look: Grandmacore would be giving Y2K a run for its money, it just can’t run that fast – Screen Shot
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Get the look: Grandmacore would be giving Y2K a run for its money, it just can’t run that fast

It seems we’ve been through them all, balletcore, coastal cowgirl, and even blokecore.In the past, trend forecasters would spend hours, sometimes even years, researching and probing Pinterest in hopes to try and pinpoint the next biggest fashion fix. Now, all that hard work is being done by TikTokers from the comfort of their own bedrooms and in half the time—work smart not hard.

As a general rule of thumb when curating a trend, pick a word, any word, add the ‘core’ suffix to it and everyone will be following the trend in no time. Next on the agenda is Grandmacore.

Second hand fashion has become mainstream ever since the Depop girlies invaded our local charity shops, nabbing the best steals before us common folk could even lay a finger on them. So, we’ve had to settle for second best, the one-stop-shop that is our grannies wardrobe.

Grandmacore, similarly to its partner in crime Grandpacore, is almost leaning toward the ugly outdated side to pre-loved fashion as opposed to the edgy vintage side you’ll see on the gen Z influencers strutting the streets of Shoreditch. It’s more of a Surrey car boot sale vibe than Brick Lane vintage market. That being said, we’re loving the chaos.

Grandmacore essentials include big puffy dresses, preferably of the gingham or ditsy floral variety. Lots and lots of knitwear, if it’s handmade you get extra points for taking up an extra hobby. It’s a trend that makes the most of our lockdown loungewear obsession, and homemade knitting fails.


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Kilts and long skirts are also staples that are great during transition seasons. You could even layer them over trousers, which we’ve heard is very popular right now despite people referring to that red carpet snap of Disney star Ashley Tisdale.


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In promotional pictures of season two for And Just Like That… Carrie Bradshaw swapped her infamous naked dress for a picnic mat-esque gingham gown. We wouldn’t say it was necessarily a fashion faux pas, just that she’s apparently swapped first dates with every eligible bachelor in New York City for doing the dishes in hot pink rubber gloves. We’re not here to shame, just as long as we’ve seen the back of Mr Big we’re happy.


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When it comes to accessories, Babushka headscarves can’t be missed. The more the print clashes with the rest of your fit the better. On the plus side, the scarf will keep your hair rollers in place and so you’ll be ready for a hot and steamy night at the local bingo hall.

Grandmacore is also coming for Harry Styles’ pearls. Unlike diamonds, a string of pearls will give rich chic but not in a millionaire heiress kind of way, more in a good little housewife whose husband treated her on a payday kind of way.

Layering is also essential if you’re keen to achieve that chaotic Grandma look. Mary Janes over frilly socks and knitted cardis over floral shirts, all wrapped up in a colourful dust jacket often works well. Grandmas want to look mismatched, not misunderstood in their old age.

Actress Blake Lively even took the trend one step further, breaking into the beauty sphere by giving her nails and vintage revamp. Hailey Bieber’s chrome, donut glazed nails are out floral mustard nails are in. It’s giving grandma’s William Morris wallpaper.

Image by Blake Lively via Instagram

While heading to your Grandma’s wardrobe might sound like a good idea in theory, we can hardly imagine what would happen if us gen Z girlies returned the favour. 90-year-olds in cargos and crop tops might be simply too much for a year as turbulent and chaotic as 2023.. So, to save our eyes from the possible trauma, we’ve rounded up some key bits to help you achieve that chaotic, layered grandma aesthetic:

Master the viral coastal cowgirl TikTok aesthetic with these 5 fashion staples

Coachella has always been a hotspot for all the latest trends, aesthetics, and accessories—whether or not they’re suitable outside of the festival, well that’s up to you. In previous years, our eyeballs and feeds have been fed a constant drip of crochet co-ords, denim hotpants and controversial cultural appropriation. But it looks as though there might officially be a new sheriff in town.

Nepo babies Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber were previously festival style go-tos when it came to finding inspiration. Now, this year the two socialites held back and kept it pretty casual. Many netizens have speculated that their decision to emulate quiet luxury was an attempt at making us forget their recent bullying antics. But for us, once a mean girl, always a mean girl.


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With the likes of Jenner and Bieber taking a step away from the assless chaps era of Coachella, it was necessary for us mere mortals to also consider cooling down our wardrobes. The influencer it girls hinted at a boho chic revival and the TikTok masses are calling it—brace yourself—coastal cowgirl.


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The cowboy aesthetic has been making the rounds for a couple of summers now. However, this season, it seems as though the Southern style is hitting the beach. Gone are the days of ecologically unfriendly glittery makeup and oddly placed clip-in dyed hair extensions, things are now much more natural. Less neon, more pastels, less fitting and more flowy. Overall, it sounds like a comfy aesthetic I could definitely get on board with.

The fabrics featured in the coastal cowgirl style are also more natural—linen and cotton are a must. This is also great news for the sustainable fashion game, as hopefully, polyester and nylon will soon cease to clog up landfills.


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It’s safe to say that this new vibe gives off significant snug energy, and is way better suited to the summer heat than some other trends we’ve come across. So, grab your cowboy hat and say yeehaw, here is our roundup of all the key staples you’ll need to achieve this look:

1. Cowboy boots

It would be rude to channel your inner cowgirl without being the proud owner of a trusty pair of cowboy boots. To get the coastal vibe down to a tee, look for a pair in neutral tones or playful pastels.

You could try your hand at scrolling through eBay and Vinted to find an authentic vintage pair but keep in mind that the high street has also caught onto the trend, so if you’re looking to make you life that much easier, here are two good options:

2. Midi skirts

To achieve the effortless look, midi skirts are required, more specifically the tiered, asymmetric kind. The flowier, the better. After all, ‘tis the season to be frolicking on the beach at sunset.

3. Denim

Double denim, also known as the iconic Canadian tuxedo, is one of the biggest trends of the year. Given the fact that both 90s and Y2K aesthetics have been the overarching style of the last five years, it’s about damn time the trend dominate the mainstream.

Now, we’re not suggesting you recreate that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake VMA look—think Western cowboy cruising through the desert on horseback.

4. Flowy dresses

Flowy dresses can be long, short, and everything in between just as long as they have volume in abundance. The coastal cowgirl spends more time by the beach than she does on her horse, so don’t worry about practicality, have fun with it.


5. Lightweight knitwear

In those colder summer evenings, you need to master the art of layering. Swedish influencer and fashion designer Matilda Djerf is seemingly good at everything, but her ability to layer knitwear is an exceptional source of inspiration.


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So, why not get these pieces to channel your inner Scandi girl?