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By Malavika Pradeep

Meet the silent vloggers of YouTube, hypnotising their audience with deeply meditative content

Silent vlogs are a content subgenre you stumble across on YouTube for the aesthetics but stay for the life lessons. In a bid to peek behind the scenes of the tranquil streams, Screen Shot spoke to Soo Hyun, a vlogger currently on an influential path down silent YouTube. From slow living to ASMR, here are all of the love and insights she shared on the subgenre.

By Alma Fabiani

The ‘coconut girl’ aesthetic is the official summer 2021 trend we’ve all been waiting for

The fashion trend is mainly defined by the hibiscus flower print along with surf-inspired graphics, puka shells, crochet details, halter tops, and platform sandals in bright colours.

By Malavika Pradeep

Samsung’s unofficial AI assistant ‘Samantha’ has already inspired a porn genre

Titled along the lines of “Samantha has seen your search history and wants to help you,” Samsung’s unofficial virtual assistant is already pioneering NSFW fan arts, cosplays and live-action videos on various platforms.

By Miranda Davis

Fun ways to beat boredom in your relationship

One of the most challenging phases in a relationship is when you become comfortable with each other—sadly, things can become boring. Here's what you can do to avoid that.


By Monica Athnasious

As nightclubs reopen in the UK, there is another virus to fear: racism

As another video of a racist incident went viral over the weekend, I decided to take a look at the rise of racism in the UK’s nightlife scene.


By Nick Pollitt

Dear home office; it’s not you, it’s me…

It started off fun, there were some really good times, but it’s time for the work-and-home relationship to end. Dear home office; it’s not you, it’s me...

By Malavika Pradeep

Finding it hard to focus at work? You may be suffering from ‘tab overload’

Tab overload is a situation where you open multiple tabs on your browser to be productive but end up failing to manage them—in turn being the most unproductive one on your team. Rings a bell? Here’s what you can do to counter it.

By Monica Athnasious

Are you a ‘smartphone zombie’? This might be the piece of tech you need

In a heavily smartphone-addicted world, one South Korean designer has provided a wearable tech solution—a giant robotic eyeball you strap to your forehead.

By Malavika Pradeep

What is gorpcore? A Depop seller explains fashion’s obsession with the great outdoors

Have you ever felt like channeling your inner Bear Grylls for a quick coffee run to the nearest Starbucks? Meet gorpcore, a fashion trend that romanticises the great outdoors with elevated, hiking-inspired gear—appropriated specifically for city strolling.

By Alma Fabiani

TikTok trends change fast. What should millennials do to stay up to date?

Staying up to date with most of the new content on the platform can be hard, especially if you are to use TikTok as a marketing platform. Don’t worry though, because I’ve got everything you need to know and keep in mind in order to never miss a thing ever again.

By Bob Koigi

Embracing cryptocurrency to protect South Africa’s endangered animals

A group of techies and environmentalists are embracing blockchain and cryptocurrency in a model that seeks to reward investors while committing the proceeds to conservation projects across South Africa.

By Alma Fabiani

How voice profiling determines how to exploit your feelings, privacy and your wallet

An analysis of pitch, pulse, voicing, jittering, and harmonicity of your voice is often used in voice profiling to determine who you are, what you may need, and how to sell it to you.

By Alma Fabiani

Hot dictator summer: people are analysing Kim Jong-un’s watch to speculate over his weight loss

When he emerged from his latest lengthy absence, many commented on how slimmer Kim Jong-un looked. But it was the North Korean leader’s Swiss timepiece that provided the clearest evidence of his weight loss.

By Monica Athnasious

What is the [as] TikTok trend? The story behind Adult Swim’s bumper craz

If you’ve recently noticed the [as] bump trend taking TikTok by storm and wondered where it comes from, here’s everything you need to know.

By Alma Fabiani

You just missed the Twitter orgy of the century

Lovense’s internet orgy began on Saturday 22 May at midnight Eastern Time and ran for a full 24 hours. How does a coordinated orgy using Twitter hashtags and teledildonics work?

By Jack Ramage

Joints for Jabs: Washington state gives out free cannabis to encourage COVID vaccination

‘Joints for Jabs’ is the state of Washington’s latest scheme aiming to promote vaccination uptake. This begs the question, who exactly will be pre-rolling all those fat doobies?

By Alma Fabiani

Fighting trauma with trauma: how VR exposure therapy can be used to treat PTSD

The most significant disorders that virtual reality therapy has shown success in treating—PTSD, anxiety, phobias—are on the rise. How does it work?

By Malavika Pradeep

Mastercard is using card expiration dates as a tool to raise awareness against wildlife extinction

By the time a Wildlife Impact Card expires, so will the endangered species featured on it. Although Mastercard aims to raise awareness about the critical dangers faced by 2,000 species, what happens when consumers counter these efforts by using the same card to purchase products contributing to their extinction?