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Kidcore brand Blackcurrant Pop explains the viral internet aesthetic

As age regression grips the fashion world, one brand has been tapping childhood nostalgia way before the term ‘kidcore’ was coined. Screen Shot spoke to Blackcurrant Pop to break down the viral internet aesthetic.

5 facts you probably didn’t know about Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, died aged 99 in the morning of 9 April 2021. Here are 5 facts you should know about the Queen’s husband of 73 years.

For writers, NFTs could be game-changing

The Generalist turned a written report into a set of NFTs that benefited everyone involved from the writers and artists to supporters and collectors. Dreamy!

How sex life has changed since COVID-19 lockdowns

Sex is an enormous part of life, and life has drastically had to change due to the COVID-19 induced lockdowns. Whether you did lockdown single, in a relationship or casually corridor creeped, here’s how sex life has changed.


Why I’m obsessed with Thailand’s ‘Boys Love’ culture

A click and screen rotate is all it takes to fall headfirst into Thailand’s ‘Boys Love’ genre. Channelling my inner ‘fujoshi’, here’s an attempt at rationalising my obsession for the viral East Asian entertainment.


The pros and cons of using a female condom

Have you ever thought about using a female condom? If so, here is more information on how to use it as well as its pros and cons.

10 cultures that have accepted non-binary gender identities for centuries

Controversy over gender identity has angered many communities around the world. But for some cultures, the idea of non-binary genders—someone who doesn’t identify strictly as male or female—has been introduced and accepted centuries ago.

Your smartphone can now get you high, here’s how

Folks over at Lumenate are leveraging stroboscopic light sequences from your phone's flashlight to guide you into alternated states of consciousness. Does it work? If so, can it replace the market for physical drugs altogether?

The full scale of evidence against Ghislaine Maxwell has now been revealed

A recent court filing has revealed that Ghislaine Maxwell’s prosecutors have disclosed almost 3 million pages of evidence against her. What exactly did it further reveal?

People are now writing erotic fanfiction about the ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal

Following a nautical traffic jam, a toilet paper shortage and a delay in shipment of sex toys, Ever Given is now pioneering a new genre of erotica. One that will either make you want to throw yourself overboard or wish the cargo had kept the canal company for longer.









Erin Tillman, ‘The Dating Advice Girl’ answers all your love questions

We spoke to Erin Tillman, dating, consent, and empowerment coach and asked her to answer our readers’ love questions. Here’s the advice she shared with Screen Shot.

Piers Morgan makes headlines for Tucker Carlson interview and defending fired Teen Vogue editor

Since leaving ‘Good Morning Britain’, Piers Morgan went on a recent interview with Tucker Carlson where he claimed he has the “universal support” of the British public. Oh, and there’s more!

Clubhouse will now let you tip your favourite creators, here’s how

Audio app Clubhouse just launched its first monetisation feature, Clubhouse Payments, as “the first of many features that allow creators to get paid directly on Clubhouse.” Here’s how it works.

An algorithm is challenging the most intelligent human minds in debate. What happens when it wins?

An algorithm is challenging the most intelligent human minds in debate, which could represent the final leap to creating a parallel between human and technological life.


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What is folk punk? Here’s everything you need to know about the anarchist subculture

Combining acoustic instruments of folk music with the anarchist undertones of punk rock, folk punk takes an intentional stance towards pop culture. From anti-profit to DIY, here’s everything you need to know about the subculture.

TikTok knows how to boost your high: vitamin C. Does it work?

TikTokers are drinking several packets of Emergen-C, a vitamin C supplement, in hopes of lowering their tolerance and boosting their high. Does the ‘vitamin C challenge’ actually work or is it just a placebo effect?

Here’s Justin Bieber’s weird justification for sampling Martin Luther King Jr.

On Clubhouse, Bieber said he wasn’t trying to draw comparisons between himself and MLK. Then again, what he said didn’t make much sense...

What it’s like to date your crush, according to their star sign

True or untrue, believable or doubtful—whatever your stance is on horoscopes, if you said you’d never had a sneak peak at your own, you’d probably be lying. Here’s what you should listen to when it comes to horoscopes and your dating life.