Barely-there bikinis and timeless one-pieces: Grab these 10 must-have swimsuits for this summer

By Jennifer Raymont

Published Jun 3, 2023 at 09:15 AM

Reading time: 2 minutes

Bikini shopping can be an overwhelmingly daunting task, one that many of us leave until the day before our flight—guilty. We all know that the concept of being ‘bikini ready’ is nothing short of prehistoric, so let’s leave it in the past. Summer 2023 is about enjoying ourselves and loving our bodies.

Whether you’re looking to cop a tan while having pints in the park or Aperol spritzes by the sea this summer, a well-rounded haul of swimwear is obligatory. That’s why we’ve scrolled through the internet to find the best bikinis emerging from this year’s top trends, from Barbiecore and blokecore to barely-even-therecore. Now that we’ve done all the research, you have more time to have fun in the sun. So, slap the factor 50+ on and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.

1. Black bikini

Much like a little black dress, everyone needs a little black bikini. You could take “little” quite literally and cop an itsy-bitsy triangle bikini or go for something with a little more support (and a whole lot more comfort).

2. Floral bikini

While the spring foliage might dry to a crisp in the summer heatwaves, you can bring the vibrant colours back with a floral bikini.

3. Barely-there thong

The Kardashians brought tiny bikinis onto our radar a few years ago, their BBLs making those thongs look tinier than tiny. So if you’re feeling brave, here are a couple of options to recreate the look:

4. One-piece

We can all relate to not feeling up to wearing a bikini, especially after devouring all that gorgeous holiday grub. These one-pieces look just as sexy as any two-piece:

5. Barbiecore bikini

Barbiecore is everywhere thanks to Margot Robbie’s upcoming portrayal of everyone’s favourite doll. With the movie coming out 21 July 2023, maybe it’s time to book that trip to the Malibu Barbie dream house?

6. Mermaidcore swimwear

Like Barbie, The Little Mermaid, starring Halle Bailey, is everywhere. So, as we take a dip under the sea this summer, let’s look to Ariel for inspiration.

7. Crochet swimsuit

While we’re sceptical over the technical logistics of a swimsuit made out of wool, crochet bikinis sure look cute! These might be an option for sitting poolside with a drink rather than bombing into the ocean.

8. Ring bikini

Hot girl summer is in full swing, so we’ll be putting rings on our swimwear, not our fingers.

9. Swim shorts

It was inevitable that blokecore would infiltrate the swimwear market as much as it has our Pinterest feeds. The boys’ swimwear aisle is just as versatile as the girls’ and their shorts are perfect for when you want to cover up on the way back from the beach.

10. Cover-ups

Speaking of cover-ups, if you’re more of a Y2K than a blokecore girlie, sarongs are perfect and they’re great at protecting us from those nasty UV rays. No one wants red hot, burning bum cheeks! These two options only prove that knitwear isn’t just for the colder months:

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