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Christmas is not cancelled, because no one puts Christmas in a corner

By Harriet Piercy

Updated Nov 6, 2020 at 09:37 AM

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Christmas and COVID-19 can co-exist, as far as I know, but celebrations will undeniably be different this year. However, different doesn’t mean deletion, keep perspective. Let’s rip the bandaid off and acknowledge what we’ve all been trying to ignore since the start of December: houses will not be filled with people, we won’t be getting drunk at other people’s houses or even doing much kissing of strangers under mistletoe. Let that sink in for a minute. Now, let’s think of the things to look forward to—here’s how to make Christmas feel extra special this year.

Christmas music

Most of us (maybe I’m just speaking for myself here) hate Christmas music. This year however, I’ll probably start belting it out at the top of my voice (I started practicing a whole month early too). Maybe I bought a cheap keyboard and made some up of my own, real talent never tells. Maybe, just maybe, I’ve been doing it all wearing nothing but my underpants.

The best thing about Christmas music this year is knowing that we don’t have to listen to it in every supermarket we walk into, and on top of that, when next year comes around, we won’t take the same painful experience for granted. We might even enjoy it. And before you say it—yes, a vaccine might be available by Christmas 2021. Have a little hope, it’s the most wonderful time of the year after all…

Christmas presents

No prezzie pressure this year, baby! You’ll only be getting presents for your nearest and dearest, if you do anything like exchange presents in the first place, that is. You don’t need to get anything for your brother’s girlfriend who you’ve only met once but was invited out of the blue (and simply out of politeness) to celebrate Christmas with your family. Her accepting this invitation was a Christmas miracle like no other. It’s less fun buying someone that you hardly know something that they’ll hardly like—money is best spent elsewhere, am I right?


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Christmas food

You can bet I’m going all in on Christmas food this year, not that I haven’t done in the past now that I’m thinking about it… Okay, at least this one thing won’t change. Now that I consider myself a lockdown chef and all that jazz, how hard can mince pies be to whip up anyway? Get in my belly!

Christmas decorations

Seeing as we haven’t had much else to procrastinate on, we might see Christmas decoration-making as our new pointless hobby. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been working on mine since November and my humble abode is literally a masterpiece—that’s what’s up.


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Christmas is not cancelled

Just like a plus and a minus, negative scenarios have positives, and it’s totally up to you to find out what these are. We can either choose to mope around and whine all season long, or we can find the fun in it. Christmas day is still on the calendar, music is still playing, food is still on the table, you can get drunk and not publicly embarrass yourself by declaring your love out of seasonal loneliness to an ex and you won’t be forced to see people you don’t want to see. There are also people in the world without the option for any of these things. Do I need to go on?

If you hated Christmas before this, this article is not for you, but thanks for making it this far. And if you love it like I do, then keep your chin up. No matter what comes around the corner, Christmas was made for you and me.

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